Hearts Unleashed Spotlight: C.D. Gorri

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Hearts Unleashed: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

book cover of the Hearts Unleashed anthologyLose yourself in the magic…

Hearts Unleashed brings you 20+ BRAND NEW tantalizing tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy in this thrilling collection of heart-pounding books featuring Shifters, Vampires, Witches and more. 

Unleash your heart, indulge your senses, and satisfy your cravings with this fantastic collection of supernatural fiction featuring sensual heroes and sassy heroines, crafted by some of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors.

Available October 12, 2021 from Amazon.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the stories…

About the Book:

  • Title: Shifter Mountain
  • Author name: C.D. Gorri
  • Series: Hearts of Stone series #1

book cover of Shifter Mountain by C.D. GorriKeeton Grey is an Eastern Mountain Lion Shifter with a serious people problem. As in, he hates all of them. In his experience, they were all liars.

After being betrayed by his leader and former best friend, he falls off the grid. Choosing to live in total seclusion in a cabin far off the beaten path, he finds his peace of mind disrupted when an injured hiker stumbles onto his property. 

The gorgeous female is in desperate need of shelter and aid only he can provide, but her very presence threatens to crumble the wall around his heart. His beast wants to claim her, but is he willing to risk everything? When faced with the choice between his peace of mind and a chance at true happiness, he finds himself wavering. 

After she catches her fiancé cheating, Marilena Sorelli is looking to break from her past. What better way to do a little soul-searching than with a weekend camping trip in New Jersey’s own Panther Mountains? She’s got her equipment packed and is ready to meet her guide, only the group she signed on with isn’t really her speed. Wandering off alone proves unwise after she takes a tumble, badly twisting her ankle.

But hope isn’t lost. In fact, she has a rescuer in the shape of a six-and-a-half foot giant with piercing green eyes and a beard that makes her fingers itch to run through it. the stranger makes her feel things she’s never felt with anyone. 

Will she be able to reach through to this rugged Shifter’s heart of stone or will self-imposed isolation be his future?

Fun with the Author:

What is your favorite paranormal creature?

I really love Werewolves or Wolf Shifters. They were my first foray into writing and the thing that keeps me coming back for more is their incredible vitality.

PNR or UF?

PNR. I am sucker for romance, though I do have a couple of UF books thrown in. This one is heavy on the romance.

Professor Lupin, Adam Hauptman, or Teen Wolf?

Adam Hauptman thank you very much. Was there even a contest? LOL. Mercy Thompson is a dynamite series and I am a huge fan.

Angel or Spike?

Angel is so broody and sexy, but I love Spike’s snark, so it is a difficult choice for me. Can’t I have both?

What magical gift would you like to wield?

I would love to be a shifter and have everything that comes with it, all the heightened senses and strength of my animal.

About the Author:

I’m C.D. Gorri, Bestselling, Award-Winning, Steamy Paranormal Romance, Young Adult/Urban Fantasy Author, and Creator of the Grazi Kelly Universe.

I’ve always been an avid reader with a profound love for books and literature. When I’m not writing or taking care of my family I can usually be found with a book or tablet in my hand. I live in my home state of New Jersey with my husband, our children, and our dogs, Dash and Chewie.

As a busy mom of three I know finding time for the things I enjoy, like reading, is never easy! That is why I write stories that are fast-paced, yet detailed with satisfying conclusions. Now that I’ve started, I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I simply adore writing powerful women and loyal heroes who face relatable problems in supernatural settings. I plan on adding to the Grazi Kelly Universe with each and every story I publish.

If you pick one up you can expect sassy, curvy heroines and sexy, love-driven heroes who find their HEAs between the pages of my stories. My characters include Werewolves, Bears, Dragons, Tigers, Witches, Romani, Lynxes, Foxes, Thunderbirds, Vampires, and many more Shifters and supernatural creatures. The most important thing is the mates in my universe are fated and loyal and they always get their happily-ever-afters.

Want to know how it all began? Enter the Grazi Kelly Universe with Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #1, my very first YA/Urban Fantasy book that sets the stage for the universe I write in. You can also start my PNR with the first book in the Macconwood Pack. Pick up Charley’s Christmas Wolf today!

Thank you and happy reading!

del mare alla stella,
C.D. Gorri

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