Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Shifters in the Night by Molly Harper

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Audiobook review: Shifters in the Night by Molly Harper

Audiobook cover of Shifters in the Night by Molly HarperLia Doe is skilled at negotiation and represents her boss’s construction company while they build a new apartment complex in Mystic Bayou. She’s not used to small town, but loves the people and the fact that she doesn’t have to hide her shifter nature. When she accidentally swims into Jon Carmody’s backyard, she punches him; however, soon after, each is drawn to the other.

Jon has been a solitary selkie for most of his life, but now that his brother Will is back in town, Jon’s learning to venture out and meet new people. After meeting Lia, he is determined to court her. However, he’s unsure of himself and his place in her world, so he’s taking it slowly.

Shifters in the Night is another delightful tale from Ms. Harper’s Mystic Bayou series. Now that humans know about the magick, the town is seeing an influx of new residents and tourists. New Ground Construction comes rolling in to develop the first needed housing project, and Lia realizes she’s found a connection to a place, something she didn’t have growing up. I liked seeing Lia’s joy in meeting new friends and watching her question all she’s known. Of course, her decision to potentially leave New Ground is being made easier as her boss seems to unravel over not being allowed to turn Main Street into a mall.

Jon is not used to being around so many others, and I love how awkward and cute his and Lia’s interactions are at first. They run into one another around town and engage in flirty banter and laughs. However, their individual nervousness leads to assumptions, specifically that the other is attracted to/interested in someone else. This gets overplayed, and I felt that more time was spent on each fretting over the other liking someone else than actually spending quality time together. Yet, somehow they know they love the other, and we get our HEA!

Narration: As with previous books in the series, the story is shared in a dual narrative, with Amanda Ronconi (AR) reading the parts told from Lia’s POV and Jonathan Davis (JD) the parts shared from Jon’s POV. Overall, both do a good job, and at this point, I find that I enjoy both equally. JD continues to expand his range for his male voices, giving each a unique and identifiable sound. AR’s voice for Lia is slightly different than the other female characters, but the range of difference isn’t tremendous. While I still feel the two narrators have narrative styles and voices that are a bit on the opposite ends of the spectrum, it works.  

In the end, I enjoyed Shifters in the Night. While I found the mystery completely predictable (maybe I’ve read too many Molly Harper books? IMPOSSIBLE!), I still enjoyed the story and look forward to returning to Mystic Bayou. 

My Ratings
Story: B
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Lia Doe came to Mystic Bayou for one simple reason: to get her job done. Namely, to build a housing complex for all the new residents flocking to town since word of its supernatural population got out. But from the moment Lia arrives, it’s clear that nothing about the job is going to be simple. 

First, there’s the mysterious guy she meets in the middle of the night while they’re both cavorting in their alternate forms. Spending time with shape-shifters is nothing new to Lia, but there’s something special about Jon Carmody…and the magical pull she feels whenever he’s near. There’s also a sense of homecoming and belonging in Mystic Bayou that makes her want to stick around – despite the dangers brewing from mysterious forces. 

Will Lia complete her project with her heart unscathed, or will her life shift forever?

Author: Molly Harper
 Amanda Ronconi
 Mystic Bayou #5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Audiobook Release Date: May 18, 2021
Publisher: Audible
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins
Source: Purchased
Audio Speed: 1.4x

Purchase info:
Amazon/Audible (affilate link)

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