Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: The Alpha by Dannika Dark

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Audiobook Review: The Alpha by Dannika Dark

The Alpha is the second book in the Black Arrowhead series and a spin-off of the Seven series. In the first book we get Melody and Lakota’s HEA. This time around we get Hope’s (Melody’s BFF and Lakota’s half-sister) HEA.

Unlike Melody and Lakota, Hope and her romantic interest didn’t grow up together, but Tak is not a complete stranger to Hope’s brother Lakota and was in the first book, The Vow. Tak comes to town to make things right with Lakota but with Melody and Lakota leaving town to see family, Tak sticks around to learn more about (and watch over) Hope while her big brother is out of town.

Hope has her hands full taking care of her and Melody’s store while Melody is out of town. Stress of working alone is made worst when Hope continues to get threats at the store. She’s not sure who’s behind it and tries to brush it off as kids making trouble. But the threats escalate and Tak gets hurt in the process of protecting Hope.

Hope and Tak work together to figure things out and grow closer in the process. Their wolves are bonded, but it takes the human side of them a little longer to figure it out since neither of them believe they deserve happiness based on their pasts.

I really enjoyed all the elements of The Alpha; humor, sexy chemistry, danger, and watching two characters who deserve HEA get it with each other.

Lennon and Hendrix, twin brothers to Melody, show up at the end, and I can’t help but think the next story of the Black Arrowhead series will be about one or both of them as they move away from their pack to start their own lives as Alphas. It seems this series is all about seeing how the kids in the Seven series are making it as adults. But I hope we see more of Dutch, the jewelry store owner who befriended Hope.

Poole continues to be the reason Dannika Dark titles are audio-only for me. I cannot rave enough about Nicole Poole’s narration performance for all of Dark’s titles and she brought her A-game for the Black Arrowhead series.  She masterly voices all the characters from the female to the male.

My Ratings:
Story: A
Narrator: A+

About the Book:

Hope is a young woman on the brink of a successful career as a jeweler. The last thing she needs right now is trouble, but trouble finds her when she’s caught trespassing on private property. Bad luck is following her like a menacing cloud, and the only way to survive the storm is to walk through it.

Tak is a fish out of water in the city, but settling unfinished business with an old friend means leaving tribal land and traveling to Austin. Things heat up after a chance meeting with a captivating woman who commands his attention. Hope is intelligent, unpredictable, and knee-deep in trouble. Instead of burying the hatchet with his old friend, Tak risks everything to protect a woman he barely knows.

Two Shifters are on a collision course with destiny, but will the sins of their past prevent them from having a future?

Author: Dannika Dark
Nicole Poole
Black Arrowhead #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance
Audiobook Release Date: October 5, 2021
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 9 hrs and 49 mins
Source: Purchased
Audio Speed: 1x

Purchase info:
Audible/Amazon (affiliate link)

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