Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Doggone Deadly by Deborah Blake

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Audiobook review: Doggone Deadly by Deborah Blake

audiobook cover of Doggone Deadly by Deborah BlakeAnimal rescuer and shelter owner Kari and her kitten Queenie are ready to help best friend Suz make this year’s annual dog show a success, despite Suz being a last minute replacement to run things. Unfortunately, when a local breeder is found murdered, Suz is the primary suspect, and Kari joins the investigation to prove Suz’s innocence. Although this is the second story in the series, I was able to jump in without any issues. The author brings listeners up to speed without info dumping.

Doggone Deadly is a wonderful story: the perfect mix of cozy mystery solving and personal life of main character, Kari. The author lays out the clues, allowing Kari to discover tidbits here and there. I like that she works with her friends to help put seemingly random pieces together. I love that the mystery is well-thought out and makes sense, is cozy, and isn’t over the top. Kari has a wonderful heart and passion for all animals, especially Queenie, who is very much part of the mystery solving team.

I really enjoyed how the author immerses the listener in Kari’s world, providing details and attention to Kari’s surroundings. Kari is smart and kind, noticing details others may not. But she doesn’t go it alone, instead she relies on others to help her. The subtle romantic storyline adds emotional depth to the story.

Narration: The story is shared via the third person voice of Kari. The narrator has a calm, feminine voice which doubles as Kari’s dialogue voice. I found her more mature tone well suited for Kari. Ms. Jennings really brings Kari to life, adding noticeable feelings into the performance of the empathetic character. The narrator alters the voices for each supporting character during dialogue, making each unique. All adjustments are appropriate to gender, age, and background. Overall, Ms. Jennings performs the story wonderfully, keeping me engaged and interested.

In the end, I really enjoyed Doggone Deadly. It is a great story and an interesting mystery. I look forward to reading more about Kari and Queenie.

My Ratings
Story: A-
Narration: A-

About the Book:

Kari Stuart is roped into helping out at a dog show–but soon finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew when her best friend is framed for murder in this new Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery.

When the woman who is supposed to run the local dog show calls out sick, dog groomer Suz is asked to take over. But it’s too much for her to handle by herself–especially with the president of the kennel club, Olivia Weiner, criticizing her at every turn–so she calls in her best friend, Kari Stuart, with the promise that Kari can set up a fund-raising and kitten-adoption station at the show.

A long and stressful day goes from bad to worse when a local breeder’s body is found in the supply tent, with Suz’s signature purple-handled shears embedded in her chest. Kari doesn’t think for a second that her friend is capable of murder; the police aren’t so sure. But trying to run a dog show and investigate a murder at the same time is like herding cats, and Kari will have to rely on the rest of the Serenity Sanctuary staff to keep things running smoothly while she–and her beloved and clever kitten, Queenie–sniff out the truth. 

Author: Deborah Blake
 Laura Jennings
 Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery #2
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Audiobook Release Date: November 16, 2021
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Length: 7 hrs and 9 mins
Source: audiobook publisher
Audio Speed: 1.25x

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