Review: Feels Like Christmas by Shannon Stacey

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book cover of Feels Like Christmas by Shannon StaceyFeels Like Christmas
 Shannon Stacey
Rating: C+

What I’m Talking About:

Feels Like Christmas is a feel-good holiday insta-love romance set in the delightful Kowalski Family world. It’s been ages since I last visited the Northern Star Lodge, and knowledge of the series isn’t necessary to enjoy the novella. 

Nola and Ian discover an instant attraction when he and his two grown kids visit the lodge for the Christmas holiday. The pair share stolen glances while she’s working and he’s dining with his family. After dinner, Ian lingers in the lounge and chats with Nola every evening. After encouragement from both his kids and the motherly (and always interfering) Rosie, the pair finds the courage to act on their impulses. 

Feels Like Christmas is a quick story built upon the insta-lust/love trope. The couple does spend time getting to know one another, but based on internal dialogue, each instantly recognizes the other is someone special, and love is in full swing by the end of the week. It was a bit too quick for me, and I wasn’t a huge fan of how hungrily Ian wanted Nola within seconds of meeting her. Yet, the setting is lovely, the couple is cute, the atmosphere festive. I do love that they are both around forty and happy where they are at in life. 

If you are looking for a holiday quickie, Feels Like Christmas fits the bill.

My Rating: C+

About the Book:

With forty right around the corner, a small-town woman is content with her quiet life until a silver fox of a single dad walks through the door and sweeps her off her feet.

Tending bar and helping out around the Northern Star Lodge gives Nola Kendrick something to do evenings and weekends and allows her to meet new people. From the moment Ian Emerson checks in, it’s clear he’s not going to be just another guest. She’d given up on ever finding love, but suddenly she’s longing for things she’s never wanted before.

Ian’s kids are busy young adults and he’s looking forward to spending quality time with them, so he books a week-long snowmobile trip in Maine before they head off to their mom’s for Christmas. But when the beautiful woman checking them in sets his blood on fire, he knows this vacation is going to be more than he’d bargained for.

There’s no denying the chemistry between them and as the clock ticks toward his checkout time, neither wants to say goodbye. Are they caught up in the holiday spirit, or is it love at first sight?

Release Date: October 18, 2021
Kowalski Family #10.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, holiday, novella
paperback (122 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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