Review: The Demon Equilibrium by Cathy Pegau

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The Demon Equilibrium
Cathy Pegau
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Book Cover of The Demon Equilibrium by Cathy PegauThe Demon Equilibrium is a wonderful new fantasy from Cathy Pegau. She’s created an alternate timeline, historical setting where women of the Order of Saint Teresa wield magic and fight the demon horde, all unknown to the average human. The magic is a unique system where it takes two users, a source and a catalyst, who form a special bond. Grace is a powerful source and Maggie an equally matched catalyst. 

The story jumps between 1903 (the present) where Grace is searching for Maggie because they’ve been separated and memories altered, and the recent past where we learn of how the pair meets and what brought them to their current situation. This method of storytelling heightens the tension and is extremely effective in grabbing and holding my interest. I needed to know what drove them apart and if their love is strong enough to move forward. The two timelines begin to merge as Grace and Maggie unravel the mysteries. It builds wonderful suspense. 

The mythology is interesting and unique, but the story gets its heart from the relationship between Maggie and Grace. The pair have a strong magical bond, and it is reinforced by their love for one another. However, feelings have been altered due to the repercussions of their nearly nine months apart. Ms. Pegau pens a beautiful romance that adds value to the overall story, making the entire adventure so much more than a race against the clock. My only complaint is how quickly the story ends after the climatic scene. I wanted an epilogue or more story to let me know what happened next. Hopefully there will be a sequel story because I feel like there is so much more to know.

The Demon Equilibrium is an engrossing, well-written fantasy with a beautiful romantic heart. If you are a fan of interesting fantasy stories, I strongly urge you to give The Demon Equilibrium a read. 

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

When the demonic Horde threatens to unleash Hell on Earth, two women must summon every bit of their shared power to save the world.

Grace Carter, a “source” of magic, has spent the last nine months searching for Maggie Mulvaney, her “catalyst.” The joy of reuniting with her partner—and her lover—is thwarted by her worst fear: Maggie doesn’t remember Grace or their life together. Grace blames the Order of Saint Teresa, the centuries-old organization that trained them to be the strongest demon-hunting duo in generations. But why has the Order done this?

As Maggie and Grace begin to piece their lives back together, they discover that their memories have been masked by someone within the Order. Should the Horde succeed in their plan, those who have committed their lives to slaying worldly demons will be relegated to little more than minions as humans are completely enslaved.

Now, Grace and Maggie must sacrifice everything, possibly even their lives, as they battle to save humanity.

Release Date: November 2, 2021
Bywater Books
Fantasy Romance, Historical, Alternate Time Line
paperback (290 pages), e-book
Book Source: Author/Edelweiss

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