Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Furbidden Fatality by Deborah Blake

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Audiobook review: Furbidden Fatality by Deborah Blake

audiobook cover of Forbidden Fatality by Deborah BlakeAfter enjoying the second book in the Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery series, I grabbed the first title, Furbidden Fatality, from my library. There were no spoilers over the whodunit for the first book found in the second book, so I was able to enjoy the standalone mystery while getting reintroduced to main character Kari and learning how she came to own her beloved animal shelter. 

The mystery over who killed the hated dog warden was good, although there are a few red herrings. Because she is the main suspect and the police seem to be a bit inept, Kari actively goes after clues and purposefully sticks her nose into the case. This causes her to make a few enemies, and her start as the shelter owner is very difficult. What I don’t love is how Kari is mistreated by some, especially one of the shelter workers who is quick to judge. But, Kari has a wonderful heart and passion for the animals, which helps her make friends in the end. 

Narration: The narrator for this first story is different than that for the second book, which I listened to first. It took me about three to four chapters to adjust to the change, but overall, I enjoyed it. The story is shared via the third person voice of Kari. The narrator has a calm, feminine voice which doubles as Kari’s dialogue voice. This narrator sounds older than the other narrator, which makes me question how old the main character is (I honestly don’t know). The narrator alters the voices for each supporting character during dialogue, making some distinguishable and others slightly different. All adjustments are appropriate to gender and background (but not certain about the age). My biggest issue after adjusting to the change is that the narrator sounds like she’s saying “Gary” for “Kari”.

In the end, I enjoyed listened to Furbidden Fatality and loved seeing where Kari came from and learning her background. After two books, I call this cozy mystery series a must listen to for me, and I look forward to the third book out next year.

My Ratings
Story: B
Narration: B

About the Book:

A lottery winner uses her good fortune to save a local pet sanctuary, but when a body is discovered on the property, she just might be in the doghouse in this first book in a new, charming cozy mystery series from author Deborah Blake.

Kari Stuart’s life is going nowhere–until she unexpectedly wins the lottery. The twenty-nine-year-old instant multimillionaire is still mulling plans for her winnings when trying to rescue a bossy black kitten leads her to a semiabandoned animal shelter. They need the cash–Kari needs a purpose.

But the dilapidated rescue is literally going to the dogs with a pending lawsuit, hard to adopt animals, and too much suspicious attention from the town’s dog warden. When the warden turns up dead outside the shelter’s dog kennels, Kari finds herself up a creek without a pooper-scooper.

With the help of some dedicated volunteers, a cute vet, and a kitten who mysteriously shows up just when she needs it, Kari must prove her innocence all while trying to save a dog on death row. Now she just needs to hope that her string of unexpected luck isn’t about to run out.

Author: Deborah Blake
 Hollis McCarthy
 Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery #1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Audiobook Release Date: February 23, 2021
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Length: 7 hrs and 54 mins
Source: library
Audio Speed: 1.25x

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