Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Try Right by Jill Brashear

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Audiobook review: Try Right by Jill Brashear

audiobook cover of Try Right by Jill BrashearIn 1962, Claudia took a post-high school trip to Hawaii where she met the love of her life: a hot, local surfing instructor. After a week-long affair, she headed home to pursue her dreams. Six years later, Claudia is a Hollywood darling caught up in scandal, putting her at the bottom of studio lists. When her agent finds her a role that takes her back to Hawaii, she jumps at the chance to find her lost love. 

When they first meet, Henry doesn’t know Claudia is starring on the show he works for as a stuntman or even that she’s a big star. He enjoys the “real Claudia” who becomes his friend. Torn between helping her find her first love and protecting her from assholes who don’t deserve her, Henry is worried he may be falling for Claudia.

Try Right is a fun yet emotional retro-romance. Although set over 50 years in the past, the story is timeless and not dated other than some of the attitudes, a lack of technology, the constant smoking, and the lingo. Claudia and Henry have a wonderful connection, and I love how they have to get over their individual pasts, as well as learn to give up on expectations and be open to what they really want. Their journey is fun and romantic. The local – chef’s kiss – makes the story all the better.

Right from the start, the listener is aware of the potential for conflict, when a group of the men on set make a bet over who will sleep with Claudia first. I love that Henry wants to tell her about the bet, but rationalizes why he doesn’t. It’s very believable and hard to get overly mad at him. I knew the confrontation would come eventually, and I wanted it done and over with. But I also loved watching them grow closer.

Narration: The story is shared via the third person alternating POVs of Claudia and Henry, with Ms. Cartwright (MC) sharing Claudia’s POV and Mr. Hamilton (TH) sharing Henry’s POV. Overall, both narrators do a solid job with their primary character. MC varies her dialogue for each character, including Claudia, from the narrator voice. She adjusts for gender and dialect, although her males, most notably Henry, are not overly deep and masculine, especially when compared with Mr. Hamilton’s voice. Similarly, TH has a deep voice that works well for male characters, and his female voices are slightly higher pitched and convincingly feminine. I absolute love the sneer TH puts in his performance when Henry thinks of one of the actors on set, “Stan.”

Overall, I enjoyed Try Right immensely. I love how the couple feels so perfect together. How they find true happiness together. How everything seems better when they are with one another. I enjoy their chemistry. But I also love how each has to grow and move on from the past. 

My Ratings
Story: B+
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Audiobook sale of Try Right by Jill Brashear only $1.99She’s on a mission to reunite with her soul mate. He’s the fool who agreed to help her. 

A year ago Claudia was Hollywood’s most sought-after actress, now the only role she can get is a bit part in a tv series filmed in Hawaii. She can’t afford to say no, and Hawaii offers something more than CPR for her career—its the home of her first love, a man she’s been dreaming of for six years.

Henry is the best in the business. The fearless stuntman is used to standing in for the leading man. He’s never wanted to be the star until Claudia saunters onto set wearing the shortest shorts he’s ever seen. 

Her long legs, killer smile, and biting wit make his heart race like he’s in a speeding car heading straight for a crash. When an unorthodox bet throws them together, he finds himself agreeing to help her track down her long-lost love. 

Now he just has to keep himself from doing something stupid, like falling in love with her. 

This Retro Hawaiian Romance set in 1968 contains piggy-back rides up Diamond Head Crater, skinny dipping in paradise, and a pair of friends who can’t keep their hands off each other.

Author: Jill Brashear
 Teddy Hamilton, Mackenzie Cartwright
 Aloha Series #3
Genre: Retro/Nostalgic Romance (1960s)
Audiobook Release Date: September 29, 2021
Publisher: Momentum Press
Length: 7 hrs and 26 mins
Source: book tour
Audio Speed: 1.3x

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