Tell Me Something Tuesday: March 8, 2022 – Favorite Book Series

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March 8th: Share a new-to-you series you love.

Since I don’t always know if I’ll love a series until after a couple of books, I’m picking series that I’ve started in the past year or so and have read at least two books. I’ve read several wonderful “first-in-a-series” books that I hope will become series I love. Additionally, I have read books in the past year from series I love, but started well over a year ago. These are just a few that fit the set of criteria I’ve listed.

audiobook cover of Under One Roof by Ali HazelwoodThe STEMinist #2 Novellas by Ali Hazelwood. After LOVING her debut title, The Love Hypothesis, I jumped at the chance to listen to/review her new audio-first novella series. So far I’ve listened to the first two titles, with the third coming out next month. These audiobooks are simply a joy. They are quick and easy, but filled with emotions: highs and lows, sorrow and joy. 

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: When it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn….

First Book: Under One Roof.

Audiobook Cover of Death Below Stairs by Jennifer AshleyKat Holloway Mysteries by Jennifer Ashley. Although the first book came out in 2018, I didn’t pick up the series until December 2020. So far I’ve listened to four of these wonderful historical mysteries. I love that the protagonist is a downstairs cook, rather than a member of the ton or independent lady. The stories are engrossing mysteries filled with action, adventure, and a touch of personal drama.

Highly sought-after cook Kat Holloway takes a position in a Mayfair mansion and soon finds herself immersed in the odd household of Lord Rankin. Kat is fine with the family’s eccentricities as long as they stay away from her kitchen, but trouble finds its way below stairs when her assistant is murdered.

First Book: Death Below Stairs.

audiobook cover of Subversive by Colleen CowleyClandestine Magic by Colleen Cowley. Although the print books had already been out, the author released the audiobooks for this trilogy in 2021. The series is an alternate history version of America where magic is real and an integral part of its history and shaping of its government. A unique blend of magic, fantasy, and historical romance, the series is unlike anything I’ve read before.

In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women’s rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant.

First Book: Subversive.

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