Sunday Snippet: Caswell Convict by M.C. Solaris (Midnight Magic Anthology)

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Caswell Convict

Author: M.C. Solaris
Publisher: Naughty Nights Publications
Release Date: May 10, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance


image of two smart phones with book cover of Caswell Convict and Midnight Magic“What the—” Maddie bit back the curse.

The F-bomb was apparently too stunned to complete the two words it typically liked to accompany.

Okay, but seriously. What in the actual Fig Newton?

And Fig Newton? Who knew… She hated the things really, but it was what came to mind. 

How else was she supposed to respond to the message she’d just received? She promptly took a screenshot of it and sent it to her best friend Jen, who instantly replied.

Jen: OMG! Did he literally just send you the emojis that represent sex and orgasm along with a question mark?!

Maddie: Yup. That’s it.

As soon as she sent the text, her phone announced an incoming call.

“Like there was nothing before the message? Not even a ‘Hi, how are you?’” Jen said, ironically plowing through the ‘Hi, how are you?’ that usually happened when someone called someone else.

But this wasn’t just someone. It was Jen. And they’d been best friends for so long that it surprised them they weren’t able to telepath one another. Okay, that wasn’t even possible for them, but if it were, they were sure it would happen to them by BFF default.

“Yup. Not even a ‘Hi, how are you?’” Maddie confirmed with a smile. “But wait, it gets better.”

“Oh no.”

“Don’t sound so excited, Jen,” Maddie playfully chided. They both loved to cheerfully commiserate and laugh over what her dating life had turned into.

“I’m sorry, Mads,” Jen laughed.

“Yeah, sounds like you’re real sorry there.” Maddie grinned, sarcasm dripping from her words.

“Okay, so tell me how it gets better.”

Maddie could imagine Jen’s wide, wide smile and eyes dancing with anticipation. She shared the following screenshots.

Kyle: You’re hot. Wanna f*ck?

Jordan: Dayum, you’re a fine as f*ck female. And I’m lookin’ for a fine lady just like you.

Eddie: Hi. I’m gonna be honest. I suck at this.

“Oh, that’s not bad,” Jen commented honestly between the tears.

“I know right?” Maddie said and then read the rest of the exchange.

Maddie: Hi Eddie. I hear you. I’m not so good at this myself. And to continue with the honesty, I have to say your message is refreshing.

Eddie: Thank you. You know what else is refreshing?

Maddie: What?

Eddie: The taste of your p*ssy as you come on my tongue over and over again before I f*ck you to oblivion and beyond.

“OH MY GOD! NO! NO HE DIDN’T!” Jen freaked out in a burst of laughter.

“Oh, yes he did.” Maddie tried not to laugh but failed miserably. “Along with a picture of his tongue and then his d*ck.”

Jen lost her sh*t for several minutes.

“You wanna hear more?”

“Is that even a question?” Jen was absolutely giddy, all but ready to sit back and stuff her face with popcorn.

Pyrone: D—

“Hang on, his name is Pyrone?”


“Oh god, this is gonna be good.”

Maddie laughed. “You say that about all of them.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I hate you. You know that, right?” Maddie snickered, her words holding zero heat.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jen tossed the playfully dismissive retort right back. “Now tell me about Mr. Pyrone.”

Pyrone: Do you know what my name means?

Maddie: No.

Pyrone: It’s a chemical compound and I need your O to complete me.

“I don’t get it,” Jen said. “I mean, I get the whole ‘O’ reference, but…”

“Yeah, I didn’t get it at first either. I had to look it up. Apparently, oxygen is a crucial element to the chemical compound’s structure or something. So, here’s how I responded.”

“Oh my god! You responded?!” Jen was straight-up crying she was laughing so hard.

Maddie: Clever. But with me, you’re getting N and O. In that order.

Pyrone: Th—

“Wait, he responded?!” Jen’s voice was barely more than a squeak of air.

Pyrone: That’s the best rejection I’ve had yet. You sure you don’t wanna complete me with your O? I’d give you many, many O’s.

“What in the hell?” Jen’s voice was more hilarity than anything at this point.

“I don’t know, Jen. I don’t know. But yes, there is one more.”

“More?! Oh, this is great! We need to save these and make a book one day. I bet you we’d make millions. And I mean, hey, at least Pyrone was going to be a gentlemale and give you many, many O’s.”

“Yes, such a gentlemale…”

Sol: T—

“His name is Sol? Does that mean he’s a steorrian?” Jen inquired way too enthusiastically, getting all Sherlock Holmes with the name being star-related, which everyone knew was a common tradition among steorrians since their abilities were rooted in the stars.

“Juuust wait,” Maddie said, knowing that would become very clear in a moment.

Sol: Twinkle twinkle little star. Let’s have sex in the bar. Up above the chair so high. Down below you’re wet inside. Twinkle twinkle little star. Let’s have sex in the bar.

“A poem. Steorrian—called it!”

Maddie waited a good long minute for the line to clear enough before she said, “You want to know how I responded?”

“Oh my god! You responded to this one too?!” Jen barely managed to get the words out.

Maddie: Up above my fist does fly. Down below I wish you bye. Twinkle twinkle creepy star. Please just leave in your car.

“Ohhhh, Maddie!” Another round of Jen losing her shit ensued. “And so violent. I love it!

“And no, I don’t want to divulge just how long it took me to formulate that response either.”

Jen kept on howling, which was fitting, seeing as her friend was a wolf shifter.

“I’m so glad my misery and sucky and nonexistent love life brings you so much joy,” Maddie said in jest.

Copyright © 2022 by M.C. Solaris

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoyed getting a tiny glimpse into our spunky heroine and Clyde’s love interest, Maddie, and her hilarious and howling BFF! 😉 

About the Book:

Midnight Magic

Featuring Caswell Convict by M.C. Solaris

Convict? Caswell Lion? Completely off-limits? That’s an emphatic yes.

The problem is that this little thing called fate has decided to torture me by making it so that the hunky lion shifter is in my life on a regular basis—strictly in a professional setting. Except, why does the sexy Southern male always seem to be shirtless?


I am a lion shifter and first commander of the Caswell Lion Pride, one of the largest prides in the world. I am also a murderer. Well, my lion is at least, considering that he was one who committed the biggest sin of all.

I am determined to keep my tail in line and just finish out the rest of my sentence in peace, so I can put the past behind me and finally move on with my life.

And this plan was going just fine… until a certain female was assigned as my mind healer for the required therapy sessions that I was sentenced to. A certain female whose curves have both my lion and I purring. A certain female whose scent tantalizes the beast. A certain female who I’d like nothing more than to pounce on… and lick. A certain female who’s legally off-limits.

If I want to complete my sentence out of the spotlight, it’s best that I stay away from her. Except, it seems I can’t.


I’m a total catch… not. Sure, I’m young and have no obvious qualities that would have males running for the hills. But I have so much debt from claiming that hard-earned “doctor” title that I’m actually drowning in it. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to accept a new job offer to be the mind healer for a VIP patient. The pay is way more than I’m used to and will help put a significant dent in my debt situation.

Maybe then I won’t have to resort to the cutthroat (and borderline offensive) tactic of online dating apps. Surprise, surprise: it’s the worst… Other than when my best friend Jen and I laugh over the ridiculous booty-call pick-up lines.

So, to recap: I’ll be single for the foreseeable future… And I especially won’t think about my drop-dead gorgeous VIP patient in any other capacity except professionally. Really.

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About the Author:

M.C. Solaris is an award-winning author of paranormal romance. She’s obsessed with swoon-worthy males, heroines with feminine strength, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, happy ever afters, fated mates, and getting sucked into supernatural stories.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find her curled up on the sofa with a romance novel and one of her three cats or diving into an audiobook at the beach. You may also find her trolling the aisles of Whole Foods for a satisfying combination of salty and sweet.

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