#Audiobook Spotlight: Beautiful Game by Lainey Davis

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Beautiful Game

Author: Lainey Davis
Narrator: Nikola Muckajev
Publisher: Lainey Davis
Publication Date: January 12, 2022
Series: Stag Brothers #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Sports Romance

Audio Snippet:

Content warning: mild profanity

Text Snippet:

She’s on me in a flash, close up in my space, faking me out as she darts out a foot to steal the ball. “Bet you can’t score,” she says, her face lit up with joy as she succeeds in snatching the ball.

“What do I get if I do?” I check her with my hip and spin behind her, easily scooping up the ball, even in dress shoes, bouncing it from my knee to my shin, showing off now as I try to circle her.

“Well,” Lucy says, biting that lip of hers and stealing the ball back with her knee. “What do you want?”

“I want everything,” I say, maneuvering into her space and then jogging backwards, toeing the ball along with me when she tries to steal it again. “But how about a kiss?” I look up at the goal. I’m pretty far back to make a shot, but I’m a professional and I’m confident.

She laughs. “I guess that sounds fair. But you’re not going to score.” She gets low, like she’s ready to block a kick. I fake right, plant and swing and she pivots an instant too late. The ball sails into the net and I step right in front of her, both of us breathing heavy.

“Ready to pay up, Lucy?”

She shrugs. Her eyes dance in the lights from the bleachers and then we’re plunged into darkness as the grounds crew shuts them off. She gasps at the sudden sound and I wrap an arm around her waist. “You all right?” My mouth is close to her ear. “Cause I’m about to rock your world with this kiss.”

I feel her relax as she laughs and swats at my chest. “Cocky,” she says.

I shake my head. “It’s not cocky if I can back it up.”

She draws in a breath and tilts her head back, parting her lips. I lean in and press my mouth against hers. I intend to be gentle, but she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me close. I moan in surprise and feel her lean into me. Lucy kisses me fiercely, her tongue swiping across the seam of my lips, her hands smoothing along my chest.

I slide my tongue into her mouth and feel her open to me, yielding. She moans as her hips grind against mine and I wish I’d taken her into an office or something instead of out here on the field, in the open. Because I cannot get enough.

But then she pulls back, breathless. She gathers her hair in one hand and tugs it back over her shoulder, panting. “I have to go,” she says, her eyes searching in the darkness, looking for the exit.

I nod and walk with her toward the fence. “You need help ov—okay, nope.” I laugh as she hops the fence again with ease and I follow her over. “You gonna call me sometime, Lucy?”

She reaches the exit and turns over her shoulder. She grins. “Maybe.” And then she’s gone into the parking lot before I can give her my number.

About the Book:

audiobook cover of Beautiful Game by Lainey DavisEverything comes at a cost. Is love worth the price?

Hawk Moyer has it all: fame, fortune…the only thing missing from the pro athlete’s life is family. Half his identity is a mystery, and after a transfer to Pittsburgh’s soccer team, he’s determined to solve the secret of his origins. He just needs to stay focused on his game in the mean time.

The only problem? He met a woman who’s not that into him…and he can’t get her out of his head.

Lucy Nelson has everything to lose. She finally broke free from her son’s abusive father and is working to build a future that can’t be taken away. She’s got priorities, and they don’t include a cocky soccer player, no matter how charming. As far as Lucy’s concerned, he’s only good for one thing.

But Hawk’s a mid-fielder. He’s used to playing offense and defense, and he’s not afraid of Lucy’s baggage, especially with backup from a trio of brothers he didn’t know he had. Can Hawk convince Lucy he’s a team player? Will she ever trust him to be there for her amidst her custody chaos?

Beautiful Game is the fifth book of the Stag Brothers series, a stand-alone contemporary romance with crackling tension and sizzling passion. If you love meddling side characters, secret siblings and workplace romance, you’ll swoon for the Stag Brothers and the women they weren’t expecting to love.

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