Review: Kiss Hard by Nalini Singh

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book cover of Kiss Hard by Nalini SinghKiss Hard
Nalini Singh
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

Catie and Danny have been nemeses for as long as they can remember. Their families are intertwined through the marriage of Catie’s sister, Ísa, and Danny’s brother Sailor (Book 1, Cherish Hard). Although they poke fun and play jokes, the two have always been close and supported each other. When social media reports how the two famous athletes leave a bar together, they decide to create a fake relationship to protect Catie’s image.

Kiss Hard features both the fake relationship and force proximity tropes and brings you friends to lovers. What an amazing combination! Although Catie and Danny like to think they aren’t friends, the truth is they have been extremely close for much of their lives. Each cares deeply for the other, but would never admit it. It isn’t until they are snowed in together while pretending to be dating, that each starts to examine what their relationship has been and what it could be. 

Kiss Hard is an easy story… Catie and Danny both love big and already care about the other. Their shared values and tight-knit family group ensure that they are open and honest with one another. The biggest conflict is that they both believe their relationship will crash and burn because they are so hung up on believing they aren’t compatible (because they are nemeses) and that something so hot can’t last. Both characters follow a path of self-growth while falling in love. Their journey is sparked because of the fake relationship and forced proximity, but grows because of their foundation. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Kiss Hard. I liked watching the pair have fun and grow individually while seeing their romance blossom. I’m glad their relationship is grounded in openness rather than allowing silly misunderstandings pull them apart. They joke about being nemeses with one another, but it was always in a bond of friendship and caring. Kiss hard is an easy, hopeful, and happy story. 

My Rating:  B+ Liked It A Lot

About the Book:

Daniel Esera is a young god on the rugby field, a sexy and charming man who’s got the world at his feet. There’s just one problem: his sudden potent attraction to his number one nemesis–Catie River. No. Just no. Not happening.

Catie River is on her way to Paralympic gold, and she’s not about to allow Danny “Hotshot” Esera to derail her plans. Too bad her body isn’t cooperating. Even worse? Her heart might be coming along for the ride. No. Nope. Never.

The pair are united in their desire to remain enemies… until a stranger’s reckless action threatens both their careers. Now, the only way out for Catie and Danny is to pretend to be in a relationship. How bad can it be? They’re adults in full control of their hormones and their hearts. There will be no kissing. No PDA. And definitely no falling in love.

Let the games begin. 

Release Date: May 3, 2022
Publisher: TKA Distribution
Hard Play #4
Contemporary Romance
paperback (370 pages), e-book
Book Source: NetGalley

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