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May 17th: How long have you been blogging? And has your blog changed over time?

I started by blog, That’s What I’m Talking About, on January 28, 2010 (link to first post), as a place to discuss in better detail the books we were chatting about on Twitter. I didn’t write reviews at the time, but then suddenly, I did. My first review, Demon Moon by Meljean Brook, was just a discussion about what I was reading and why I loved it. I didn’t realize that is a review!

Old blog header from 2010
This was one of my original blog headers I created by myself circa 2010.

When I first started, book review blogging was at its peak. I quickly decided I wanted in on the game and sought direction from some of the bigger, more established blogs of the time. We were all on Twitter and everyone was so helpful. I tried to get numbers up with contests and special features. I added friends as reviewers and cranked out content.

As book blogging and its influence on the market declined, I struggled with what I wanted and where my blog was heading. My review partners found themselves unable to commit to reading and writing, and my own life was busy with two young kiddos. I knew I didn’t want to give up, but I needed to make some changes. I started blogging for me, rather than trying to grow numbers and influence readers. I decided that if my thoughts on books helped others decide what to read, then that was great, but I wasn’t going to aggressively go after views. I’m in a happy place.

blog header image from 2018
This is one of the graphics from my blog redesign in 2013.

Visually, my blog has morphed over the years. I started with some basic graphics and eventually figured out how to make a banner and such. Then in 2013, when my blog was transferred over to WordPress, I hired a designer to make it shiny and new. Finally in 2018, I updated my blog again, simplifying a lot and creating the current look with the help of a friend. I still love the design and don’t have plans to change it anytime soon.

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