Sunday Snippet: Friendship Day at Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine

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Friendship at Rosy Lane

Author: Rose Elaine
Publisher: Rose Elaine Publishing
Release Date: August 8, 2022 (second edition)
Series: Book 2 of 3, but can be read as a standalone
Genre: Cozy Romance


Book cover of Friendship Day on Rosy Lane by Rose ElaineTen years to the day of Ben’s departure, Rose could hear Betsy at the door. “No, you go on now. But Ben continued, “I heard about the house, the damage, and the insurance, and I can help.” Rose sat still. Betsy shook her head. “No. Rose, she got it under control. She’s got a new beau named Jim, and you need to get on out of here.” Ben held up his hands and walked back slowly. He meant no harm. He just thought he could help. Rose held her breath for a moment and then exhaled. Jim came to the door of her office and said, “What’s all the ruckus? Ain’t accustomed to this on Rosy Lane.” He raised his eyebrows and gave Rose a questioning look. Rose began, “It’s a long story.” She recounted the entire relationship. Jim whistled; there was a lot to comprehend. Jim understood Ben’s concerns. He, too, wondered about the legalities, the lack of contracts, but Jim was wise enough to keep these thoughts to himself. Jim smiled; he looked at Rose and said, “If it ain’t broke—don’t fix it.” Jim was a practical man. If the estate had run without incident for over one hundred years, maybe the luck would continue. If it did not, that would be okay, too. Jim looked at Rose, lifted her chin, kissed her lips, and said, “There is nothing we cannot handle together. You are in good shape.” There was another knock. This time, Jim answered the door. “You must be Ben; come on in and sit a spell.” The two men looked at each other intently, sizing each other up. Rose wanted to vanish. Jim introduced himself; the men shook hands. Betsy came in and said, “Ben, I told you to run along! We got no time for the likes of you.” Jim was quick to say, “No, no, Betsy, we are fine. I am sure that Ben won’t be staying long.” Ben looked at Rose and said, “Well, that would entirely depend on the young lady, now, wouldn’t it?”

About the Book:

Steeped with nostalgia, warmth, and kindness, author Rose Elaine brews another tale of intergenerational friendship, family values, unconditional love, and unforgettable characters that you’ll remember for years to come.

When an unwelcome guest arrives at The Rose Elaine Manor, his presence threatens to disrupt Rose’s most treasured family holiday, Friendship Day. Leaving Jim jealous and Rose frustrated, the man from Rose’s past dredges up tensions she wishes she could forget. Despite their visitor’s greedy intentions, Nancy and Betsy do their best to keep Rose’s mind on what truly matters: her mother’s legacy, which is worth more than any business venture in the world. When Rose’s mom learned about World Friendship Day so many years ago, it broke her heart to know it was just another day on the calendar she and others flew past. After all, what could be more important than celebrating the people who bring joy and laughter into their lives? Now, without her mother, Rose is determined to keep the Manor’s Friendship Day alive, no matter whose selfish intentions stand in her way. As generations of women come together to celebrate each other with music, art, dining, and even a little dancing, one thing is clear: The Manor is more than just a business. Rosy Lane is a home, and the women who keep the Manor afloat are the lifeblood that keeps Rose smiling despite all the people who are trying to take it away from her.

Make new friends and keep the old!

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About the Author:

Rose Elaine spins beauty out of pain, giving hope and joy to women around the world who need a reprieve from their daily lives. Passionate about self-love and community, Rose Elaine inspires tenderness and self-care through creating her line of Rosy Lane-inspired teas, coffees, body scrubs, and lotions for busy women who deserve to pamper themselves. When she’s not writing or creating her luxury goods, she lives a full, heartwarming life with her husband, adult children, eleven cats, and her stunning watercolor paintings. Learn more about Rose and pamper yourself with her creations at

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