#TBRChallenge Review: Eagle Eye by Alyssa Day

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book cover of Eagle Eye by Alyssa DayEagle Eye
Alyssa Day
Rating: B-


  • September’s Theme is “Animals”
  • This book has been on my TBR since May 28, 2022.
  • Why I selected it: the male MC is a tiger shifter. 

What I’m Talking About:

Eagle Eye is the eighth title in the humorous paranormal mystery series that features pawn shop owner, Tess, and tiger shifter PI, Jack. Even though something strange always happens in Dead End, everyone is surprised when the statue of Dead End’s founder (Jack’s many-greats grandfather) comes to life and spreads news of an impending disaster.  

I auto-buy all of the stories in the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries and try to read them within a year of purchase. I’m doing pretty good with Eagle Eye, as it came out earlier this year. While I love the series overall, the books are not constantly wonderful, with Eagle Eye falling into the “not as great” side of things. 

I absolutely love Tess and Jack’s relationship. These friends continue to develop a romantic relationship and grow closer. This is not a romance series, and their relationship is not the focus, but it adds heart to each book. I also love the light-hearted nature of the stories. The humor is laugh-out-loud silly at times. 

What didn’t work for me were the actual storylines. The story of the missing Fae dagger was convoluted at times, with little explanation for why some of the characters suddenly had a large knowledge of all things Fae and Tess’s sudden sensitivity to the fae magic. And while it is somewhat connected to the Fae dagger plot, the side story of Logan the eagle shifter was extraneous and unnecessary. Finally, it felt like Jack and Tess were just going from crisis to crisis with little actual sleuthing. 

I always love returning Dead End. However, I feel like this one was a bit less cohesive than previous stories. I found that the scattered and chaotic nature of the tale kept me from feeling 100% connected. But I love these characters and enjoyed the story. 

My Rating:  B-

About the Book:

When Jack—the tiger shifter turned PI—gets a visit from an old friend …

…the friend is hiding a dangerous secret.

What happens when a cunning rogue tries to steal a treasure—and Jack’s girlfriend, too?

Tess is enchanted by a mysterious eagle that keeps visiting her at her pawnshop. But eagles aren’t the only thing endangered when a criminal mastermind decides to make Dead End his home.

Luckily, her shooting skills are almost as good as her pecan pies.

Two shifters in town…

…may be one too many.

What’s a woman who just wants to run her pawnshop and quit stumbling over dead bodies to do?

What happens when the danger is coming from inside the shop?

You’ll love this laugh-out-loud addition to the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries series, because Dead End, Florida hasn’t been this strange since the vampire started driving the blood bank bus.

Get it now. Because sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.

Release Date: May 27, 2022
Tiger’s Eye Mystery #8
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
paperback (298 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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