Review: Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean

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Heartbreakerbook cover of Heart Breaker by Sarah MacLean
Author: Sarah MacLean
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

After finishing the first book in the Hell’s Belle series, Bombshell, last year I couldn’t wait to get my handles on Heartbreaker. Sarah MacLean didn’t disappoint with Henry and Adelaide’s story!

Adelaide sees herself plain and not worth notice. As a lady from the wrong side of the river (not that the citizens of Mayfair know she is not who she says she is), it’s been the an advantage to go unnoticed while growing up and becoming the best purse cutter in London.

But Adelaide finds that someone has been noticing her even when she has tried not to notice him back. Henry has been watching Adelaide for over a year at balls and dinners. There’s a scene where the two find themselves running and while running through the streets she grew up, her hair, which is usually covered, makes an appearance that almost brings Henry to his knees.

Expect he didn’t touch her skin. Instead, he said, softly, “Red.”

For a moment she didn’t understand, and then she felt a tug at her temple, where a lock of her hard had escaped.

The awe he feels when finally seeing her flaming red hair is a huge clue the Duke has been pining for Adelaide even if he’s not ready to admit it. Watching their romance bloom is swoon worthy and reminds me a bit of Pride and Prejudice. Henry has to win over Adelaide in the way Mr. Darcy had to win over Elizabeth. (If only Darcy and Lizzie had smoking scenes like in Heartbreaker!)

Heartbreaker is full of laughs, adventure, and really good character development where the heroine is the wild card instead of the plain wallflower society believes her to be, and the hero is a straight-laced Duke who has a knack at dirty talk. Experiencing the HEA, friendships, and bits of danger was a total joy! I cannot wait to hit the streets of London again in 2023 when MacLean brings us Lady Imogen’s story. It proves to be a banger!

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

A Princess of Thieves

Raised among London’s most notorious criminals, a twist of fate landed Adelaide Frampton in the bright ballrooms of Mayfair, where she masquerades as a quiet wallflower—so plain and unassuming that no one realizes she’s the Matchbreaker…using her superior skills as a thief to help brides avoid the altar.

A King of Reputation

Henry, Duke of Clayborn, has spent a lifetime living in perfection. He has no time for the salacious gossip that arises every time the Matchbreaker ends another groom. His own reputation is impeccable—and the last thing he needs is a frustrating, fascinating woman discovering the truth of his past, or the secrets he holds close.

A Royal Match

When the two find themselves on a breakneck journey across Britain to stop a wedding, it’s impossible for Clayborn to resist this woman who both frustrates and fascinates him. But late-night carriage rides make for delicious danger…and soon Adelaide is uncovering Clayborn’s truths, throwing his well-laid plans into chaos…and threatening to steal his heavily guarded heart.

Release Date: August 23, 2022
Hell’s Belles #2
Historical Romance
paperback (400 pages), e-book, audiobook
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