Sunday Snippet #Audiobook Edition: More With You by Erin Spencer

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More with You

Author: Erin Spencer
Narrators: Ava Erickson, Zachary Webber
Publisher: One Night Stand Studios
Release Date: Sept 20, 2022
Series: Standalone
Genre: Romance

Audio Snippet:

Click for a sample of Zachary Webber’s performance in More with You!

Text Snippet:

audiobook cover of More with You by Erin SpencerThis selection is a journal entry written by our MMC and artist, Ben, after he’s seen our FMC, Summer, on the beach, which ended in their first kiss.

  • They’re blue. Her eyes are blue. It sounds like such a simple color, but it’s not. They’re not an ordinary blue, if such a thing even exists, but a shade I couldn’t hope to replicate. A touch of gray, a hint of jade, delicate strokes of cerulean and sapphire and sky blue, with a few flecks of gold, and the tiniest dot of brown, for the perfect freckle in her left iris. 
  • I found her. Or, maybe, she found me. Either way, it was worth the wait. My lips are still stinging from her kiss, in the best possible way. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should kiss her. She seemed pretty stunned after finding out who my family is, but that’s not so unusual. I just hope it’s not going to get in the way of us, because that woman is… like a rare Scotch. The kind you search the world decades for, just to have one sip and know you’re in rarefied air. That’s why I couldn’t help but kiss her. I needed to. I’ve been looking for her, not just this past week, but… perhaps forever. 
  • I can still feel her body against mine, her breath against my lips, her arms around my neck, pulling me tighter. I can’t stop thinking about her. I’m lying in bed, begging for sleep so tomorrow can come quicker, or I can dream of her to resume where we left off. It won’t be the same, but maybe it’ll give me some ideas.
  • I could tell she was insecure about the way she was dressed, but when I was jogging along the beach, I thought she was a goddess. She looked absolutely perfect to me. The way the sunlight danced in her hair, bringing out every facet of color. The sheen on her skin, inviting me to touch her. The way she touched me, her fingertips grazing my ribcage when I whispered against her mouth. I thought I would burst. And the way her face felt in the palms of my hands, like the right puzzle pieces were matching up seamlessly: her cheeks so soft and warm, her lips slightly swollen after, her mouth parting slightly when I brushed my thumb against her lower lip.
  • I’m intoxicated by her. I can’t help it. I want to lay her down, naked, on my porch on a rainy Sunday, so I can paint the curves of her body and worship the canvases of her when she’s away from me. I want to dip my fingers in fresh honey and have her taste it, watching her tongue lick her bottom lip as she’s savoring the sweetness. I want this to be the summer of Summer, and I hope it never ends.     

About the Book:

Inspired by her own true story, author Erin Spencer explores what happens when you get everything you never knew you always wanted.

I wasn’t looking for love. Putting down roots in this small, southern town was the last thing on my mind.

Ben changed all that with his kind nature and gentle ways. Somehow, he painted over the cracks on the canvas of my heart. Never did I feel more alive than with my arms around his waist on the back of his motorcycle and my hair blowing in the wind.

But, I was a nobody. A girl deemed little more than white trash. To his family of wealth and privilege, I wasn’t worthy of him. And they were willing to do whatever it took to drive us apart.

Longing to stay by his side, I never wanted that summer to end. Yet, sometimes, true heartache molds us into who we were always meant to be…

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