Audiobook Spotlight: Soldier Boy by Donna Alam

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Soldier Boy

Author: Donna Alam
Narrators: Maxine Mitchell & Elliot Matthews
Publisher: Blue Nose Audio
Release Date: September 16, 2022
Genre: Steamy romantic comedy

Audio Snippet:

Text Snippet:

I’ve looked at a lot of bodies, tended to a lot of bodies, and not just female ones, but I’ve never seen a body like his. I’m guessing he does a lot of squats because, that ass. And as he balls his T-shirt to shove it into the washing machine, I think the heavens must be smiling down on me because something tells me I’m about to get a closer glimpse. I wonder if he wears boxers or briefs or . . . 

Holy mother of God! 

Ben whips off his shorts to reveal a preference of neither, and as he bends to scoop them from the floor, I get more than a look at the taut cheeks of his ass, but I also get a flash of the goods. 

And that is . . . just . . . wow. 

“Stop!” I call out, suddenly discovering some scruples—damned scruples—as I whip around to face the other way. “Oh my God, Ben. What kind of person gets undressed in the kitchen?” My fingers fumble on the grocery bag, apples and oranges beginning to spill and roll around my feet. 

“Do you have a rule against nakedness in the kitchen?” comes Ben’s unconcerned and slightly smug answer. 

“If you’d worked six months in the emergency department, you’d know what I’m talking about. Kitchens and dangly bits do not go together.” 

“Dangly bits?” He sounds thoroughly amused. “Did you spot something you shouldn’t have, Nell?” 

“Ben, be serious.” 

“Oh, I am. I’m also being very safe. I’m not frying bacon or boiling water to make a cuppa. I’m not dicing with any kind of burn or sharp knife. I’m doing laundry. What about you, Nell? What were you doing?” 

There’s a note of something particular in his tone, something that makes my stomach roil, though not through fear or embarrassment. He knows. He knows I was looking. And he sounds as though he doesn’t mind.

“I brought groceries,” I answer softly, which sounds like the Penny version of I carried a watermelon. I don’t know about Dirty Dancing’s Baby, but I think it might be prudent for someone to put me in the corner. Preferably with a big ole dunce cone on my head. 

“What else?” His words feel like a soft, lingering stroke. The kind that makes me long for the real thing. 

Audiobook cover of SOLDIER BOY by Donna Alam“I was . . .” I swallow deeply, not sure why I feel compelled to answer honestly. Maybe it’s the throaty timbre of his voice that makes the truth so compelling. Or maybe it’s that ass. “I was watching you.” 

“Turn around, Nell. I dare you.” 

A tiny thrill washes through my veins in a mixture of thrill and trepidation. I know it’s wrong to feel like this, so thoroughly turned on. 

“I can’t,” I whisper. Because this is Melody’s little brother. It’s just Melody’s little brother just hanging out in my kitchen. 

Like, really hanging out. 

“’Course you can. We’re both adults. And clearly, you like to watch.” Heat blooms in my cheeks, and I find myself biting my lip. “You do like to watch, don’t you?” 

I swallow and shake my head, not trusting myself to speak, not trusting what I might say at this point. 

“What if I told you I like being watched?” That bloom of heat in my cheeks spreads quite suddenly to every corner of me, my heart beginning to beat wildly in my chest. “Turn around, Nell.” Part command, part soft taunts, he adds, “Don’t run away. I’ll only chase you.”

© Donna Alam

About the Book:

Captain Ben Monroe has an ass made for touching,
And a panty-dropping smile.
He’s also my best friend’s younger brother.
And the worst mistake of my life.

Or maybe the best.
It’s hard to tell.

He was a blight on my childhood.
A thorn in my side.
And not nearly as delicious as he looks now,
Standing on my doorstep,
Needing a place to stay.
Surprise Roommate!

I didn’t expect to find him naked in my kitchen.
I didn’t expect him to worm his way into my heart,
And sisters before misters,
I wasn’t supposed to look, let alone touch.

So what happens between us now?

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