#TBRChallenge Review: Blown Away by Cara Bristol

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book cover of Blown Away by Cara BristolBlown Away
Cara Bristol
Rating: A-


  • October’s Theme is “Flirting with Danger”
  • This book has been on my TBR since April 22, 2022.
  • Why I selected it: I picked this one up earlier this year based on a recommendation from a friend. The story tag of “they’ll battle passion and danger” says it all.

What I’m Talking About:

Tack is a member of the Cyborg Force (C-Force), an elite military unit. He’s been on the desert planet Sajave on a furlough for the past six months after dealing with an extremely difficult situation. He’s contemplating a permanent leave and relocation to the desolate planet.

Breeze works for Geo-Tech on Sajave and has made an astonishing discovery. Before she’ll let anyone know her theories, she needs to run some tests; however on her way to the testing station, she’s caught up in a deadly sandstorm and ends up at Tack’s front door.  

Blown Away is an exciting sci-fi story with a sexy romance. Both Breeze and Tack have carried emotional baggage for sometime. There is something that clicks between the pair which allows them to open up to one another. The romance is easy and sweet – they are both finally in a place where they can heal and being with each other helped the healing. Was it a bit quick? Sure, but still enjoyable. I like that they talk through their issues and don’t hide things from one another.

Overall, I really enjoyed Blown Away. The story is very interesting; I love the concept. I don’t want to give spoilers, but let’s just say there is something going on down on Sajave that no one is ready for. I was a little frustrated with how quickly the book ended, with some of the critical wrap-up taking place off page. The over-arching storyline is captivating, and I immediately bought the second book so I can continue the story when I have time. 

My Rating: A-

About the Book:

Trapped in a sandstorm, they’ll battle passion and danger… 

Breeze O’Day

Windswept, sandblasted Sajave isn’t every astrogeologist’s dream assignment, but it’s been my safe zone from a dangerous past, and now I’m about to announce a game-changing discovery. But on the way to finalize my research, my hovercraft gets caught in a violent sandstorm and crashes. Unfortunately, my rescuer is Tack Grayson, an ill-mannered, bad-tempered mammoth of a man who’s made it perfectly clear saving me is a huge imposition. Well, no worries. I’ll soon be on my way to finish my top secret project, and our paths need never cross again.

Tack Grayson

If I had wanted company, I wouldn’t be living in a cabin hundreds of miles from nowhere. But I’m a cyborg with C-Force and rescuing people is what I do, even if they are idiots who should know better than to venture out in a sandstorm. Now I’m stuck with Breeze O’Day until this storm blows over. 

But as I learn more about Breeze and her research, I begin to worry our association won’t end anytime soon. She’s in danger. Serious danger, and she’s going to need my help.

Release Date: April 18, 2022
Cara Bristol
Cyborg Force #1
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
paperback (266 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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