#Audiobook Spotlight: Griffin by S.M. West

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Author: S.M. West
Narrators: Sarah Puckett & Jacob Morgan
Publisher: SMW Books
Release Date: October 18th (audiobook); October 14th (ebook & paperback)
Series: Scarred Hearts #4 of 5
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Audio Snippet:

Text Snippet:

audiobook cover of GRIFFIN by S.M. WestHair plastered to my forehead and clothes clinging to me, I let Griffin usher me inside. He grabs a lighter from his backpack, and I shiver, arms wrapping around my middle, as he starts a fire. In moments, flames dance across the logs and a gentle, promising smoke wafts in the air.

“Take off your clothes.” His tender command causes nerves to flutter in my stomach.

 Reality sinks in. We’re both safe, and though I feel so—for the first time since leaving the cabin so many hours ago—goose bumps pop along my skin and my teeth start to chatter.

He stills in pulling clean clothes from his bag. “Your lips are blue,” he says and tosses me the shirt I wore last night, a pair of his boxers, and socks. “Get out of those wet things. Now. Those are clean. We’ll get you warm first, then eat.”

I catch the clothes, bringing the thick socks to my nose as a wide smile overtakes my face. “Thank you.” 

Unlike my bag that has only the stupid package—the reason we’re in this mess—his holds all kinds of useful things. 

Griffin pushes to stand in all his towering glory. I’m used to being the shortest person in the room, but with only the two of us in this small space, he’s gigantic.

I’m unable to tear my eyes away as he strips off his jacket and shirt. His fingers work on his belt buckle while he toes off his boots. 

Golden hair falls over his forehead. 

Hard, inked arms bunch and flex.

 Holy moly. 

My mouth dries. I clench my thighs, wet, needy, excited all at once. 

Unaware of my gawking, he continues to give me what I desire and drops his jeans to the wooden floor and pivots away from me. 

A surge of apprehension, fear I won’t be able to keep it together, rushes up my spine. 

The chiseled muscles of his back and thighs stretch and contract, revealing more ink on places hidden by his clothes, as he shucks off both of his socks. He twists to face me and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. 

Tall, big, and close to naked. I’m wonderstruck.  

Only in boxer-briefs, the black cotton clings to the hard ridges of his trim waist, hips, and spectacularly sized penis. And they say black is slimming, but not in this case. The dark color does nothing to hide his length or girth. His underwear falls to the floor. 

My breath hitches. 


He puts on a clean pair of boxer-briefs. Also black. 

I’m dizzy. This man is a smoke show. 

About the Book:

After one electrifying kiss, I’ll risk everything to protect Cora Jennings.

I don’t know why I care about her; she’s a stranger.
But something in her striking green eyes draws me in.
She’s caught in a web of secrets and lies.
A ruthless killer hunts her.
He’ll stop at nothing to have her.
And neither will I.

Together, on the run, our connection grows stronger.
I’m not a man who falls easily.
Yet Cora has me on my knees.

We’re opposites in every way.
Evil always finds me.
I’m a dangerous man and wrote off love long ago.
Still, my darkness craves her sunshine.

I’m no white knight, but Cora makes me want to be one.

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