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Seressia Glass

Today I’m happy to welcome Seressia to the blog. She’s sharing an original story set in about a year after the conclusion of her rom-com The Love Con. Please help me welcome Seressia!

The Love Con Wedding by Seressia Glass:

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“I don’t think I can do this.”

Kendra sucked in another raggedy breath as Janelle stared her down. “Can’t do what? Can’t keep the top of this dress up? Can’t keep from crying? ‘Cause I know you ain’t talking about can’t get married thirty minutes before getting hitched.”

Her best friend snorted as she managed a squeak and a nod. “This is why I’m you’re maid of honor isn’t it? To give you an emotional kick in the ass? You do realize that in thirty minutes you’re supposed to walk down that path of fake rose petals to marry the guy you known and loved for half your life?”

Janelle threw up her hands. “This is above my pay grade. Imma let you speak to my supervisor.”

She stepped back as Kenya’s mother studied her expression. “Are you having cold feet about marrying Cameron?”

“Oh, I’m going to marry him.” Kenya’s sudden bravado vanished as quickly as it came. “But maybe not today?”

Janelle and her mother exchanged looks. “Why not today?”

Kenya fiddled with her blush-pink skirts. She and Cam had decided to cosplay as Rose Quartz and a younger Greg Universe from Steven Universe instead of traditional wedding attire, because of course they would. “Is it going to rain? I heard it was going to rain. I don’t want to ruin my dress.”

“Or that fuchsia hair.”  Janelle gestured to the sunlight spilling through the window. “There’s not a cloud in the sky.”

“Cold. Maybe it’s too cold?”

“It’s May. In Atlanta,” her mother reminded her. “You’ve been blessed with a perfect day for a wedding.” 

“Then maybe—”

“Kenya.” Her mother held her shoulders, her eyes filled with concern. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“I’m nervous.” Kenya fiddled with her skirt for the umpteenth time. “I can’t believe I’m nervous.”

“Being nervous is natural, sweetheart.” Her mother took her hand. “You know you love Cameron. You know you want to be with him. It’s just that the word ‘marriage’ is a scary thing.”

“Yes. Oh my god, yes,” Kenya clutched her mother’s hand. “How did you know?”

Mrs. Davenport gave her a gentle smile. “Believe it or not, I have a little bit of experience with the whole marriage thing. Your partner is your friend, then your lover, then something more. For you and Cameron, marriage is just another word to describe what you have been doing for each other all along. With a few extra benefits of course.”

“You’re right.” She sighed. “I guess I just miss him.”

“What? You’ve talked to him every day.” Janelle’s immaculate eyebrows hit her hairline. “How are you missing him?”

“I’ve been here for nearly a week while he’s been at the condo by himself.” Kenya blinked rapidly. “Is he doing okay? Has he been eating well? Did he get enough sleep?”

“Baby.” Her mother smiled. “You both have asked each other these questions every time you video called each other, several times a day.”

Janelle snorted. “May I remind you that being separated this wedding week was your idea?”

“Why did you let me do this?” Kenya wailed. “This was a stupid idea. The stupidest of the stupid ideas I’ve ever stupided.”

“Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder,” her best friend said with an unrepentant grin. “Just try not to jump his bones the moment you see him. Sorry, Mrs. D.”

“No apology necessary. You think I’m not going to jump my husband’s bones the moment we have the house to ourselves again?”


“It’s true,” her mother insisted. “Besides, you’re not nervous anymore, are you?”

“Not as much, though I do need to bleach my imagination now. “You think Cam’s okay?”

“Of course he is,” her mother answered, rubbing Kendra’s arm in what was meant to be a soothing gesture. “Because you’re #TeamKenCam. When have either one of you ever let the other one down?”

Her mother’s cell phone rang. She grabbed it from the side table, read the screen, then laughed. “It’s your father, which means it’s my new son.”

Janelle shook her head. “Of course it is. The Force is so strong in that one, you’d think he was next door instead of a floor below us.”

 “Happy wedding day, son. Let me put you on speaker.”

“Kenya.” Cam’s voice was the sweetest sound she’d ever heard. “How are you? Are you as nervous as I am?”

His admission helped soothe her anxiety, and she was able to smile. “You’re not biting your nails, are you?”

“No, I didn’t want to ruin my manicure.” He laughed. “But I have destroyed a bag of gummy worms if that makes you feel better.”

“It kinda does, now that you mention it.”

“Good. I called to tell you something. Two somethings actually.”

Curiosity spiked. “What?”

“I feel it’s only fair to warn you that this is your last chance to run. After today, I’m holding onto you forever. We need to break your parents’ years married record, and I need to win the ‘number one son-in-law’ badge.”

Laughter bubbled up. “First of all, if I try to run, my boobs will spill out the top of this dress and that should be saved for the pay-per-view. Second of all, even if I did run, I’d make sure you can catch me.”

“That’s my girl.” The warmth in his tone flowed over her. “I can’t wait to see you.”

“Wait. Wasn’t there something else you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh right. What I really wanted to say is—uh oh. Looks like they’re ready to send your dad up there to walk you down and send your mother down here so she can walk me out.”

“Tell me what you wanted to say first.”

“They’re rushing us, so I guess I’ll just have to tell you at the altar. Love you, babe.” The call disconnected.

She stared at the phone, then squared her shoulders. “Smooth move, Mr. Lassiter. I know what you’re doing. I’m going say some things to you at the altar too.”

She turned to Janelle and her mother, who both quickly wiped smiles from their faces. Go on and laugh. He’s gonna get his soon.”

“I bet.”


“What can I say? I know it’s a couple of years down the road, but there’s no reason to not start practicing on making grandbabies.”

“We got a head start on that a while ago.”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Her mother kissed her cheek. “Today my last baby is getting her happy ending and Cameron officially becomes our son. We couldn’t be more happy or proud of you both than we are right now.”


“Blink, blink, blink,” Janelle commanded. “Neither of you are ruining the masterpieces I did on your faces.”

“Then we need to hurry.” Kenya tightened her grip on her bouquet as her father walked in. “My happily ever after is waiting for me.”

Thanks for the fun story, Seressia! Now let’s learn more about The Love Con!

The Love Con by Seressia Glass

Book cover of The Love Con by Seressia GlassSometimes Kenya Davenport believes she was switched at the hospital–how else could a lover of anime, gaming, and cosplay come from STEM parents? Still, Kenya dreams of being able to turn her creative hobby into a career. She finally has a chance to make it big when she joins the reality show competition Cosplay or No Way.

There’s just one catch: the challenge for the final round is all about iconic pairs, and the judges want the contestants’ significant others to participate. Unfortunately, Kenya is as single as can be at the moment. Luckily her best friend, Cameron Lassiter, agrees to be her fake boyfriend for the show. 

Roleplaying a couple in love will force them to explore what they’re hiding under the mask of friendship. Can Kenya and Cam fake it until she makes it, or will she be real about her feelings, knowing it could cost her the best friend she’s ever had? 

Release Date: December 14, 2021
Contemporary Romance
paperback (320 pages), e-book, audiobook

Purchase Link: Amazon

About the Author:

#CMCon23 Featured Author: Seressia Glass headshot and bioSeressia Glass is an award-winning author of romance and urban fantasy. She lives south of Atlanta with her husband, son, and two attack poodles.

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