Sunday Snippet: Forced Fracture by T.M. Hern

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Forced Fracture

Author: T.M. Hern
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Release Date: September 6, 2022
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Book cover of FORCED FRACTURE by T.M. HernHe stepped into the hall in a daze. Peyton was still on a call. He sat in one of the chairs and a huge smile came over his face. He nodded his head in belief and sat forward with his face in his hands rubbing his growth of facial hair. “Ah.” Peyton was walking toward him. “Peyton could I talk with you?” She put her phone away. “Sure.” 

“I heard a little of the conversation that you were having with Sara.” He smiled at her. “Peyton, Sara’s right. I do find you attractive, in many ways.” Her eyes were drawn to his lips as he took a step forward and reached for her hands. She started to pull away, but he just held on tighter and rubbed his thumbs over her knuckles. “I just wanted to thank you for all of the demanding work you are doing, and I hope this ends for you soon. I know your little girl needs you home.” 

She looked skyward. “Oh, I wish.” 

He took advantage of her speaking and stepped in. He bent to gently kiss her on the lips and lightly took her shoulders into his hands as she trembled. Upon pulling her a bit closer, she, they, held the kiss. She reached for the dark locks framing his face and pulled him in to kiss him deeper, wanting to remember this small respite from the crappiness of this case. She pulled away and moved back, a look of disappointment clouding her face. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Jagger.” She took a breath. “There’s another victim.” She shook her head. “I’ll be headed there soon. I need to go to Cocoa Beach. Polaski just called.” 

“Is she alive?” 

“She’s hanging on. I don’t know any more than that.” 

“I’ll go with you.” 

“No, you can’t.” 

“Why not? Levi is here with Sara. There’s nowhere to go on this part of the case. He’s moved on because he believed Sara to be dead. He’s safe and he thinks he’s untouchable.” He pulled her in, closer to him. His eyes searching her face. “Let me go with you. I won’t get in your way. I don’t want you to be alone.” 

“Jagger, you can’t. Polaski would blow a valve.” 

“He doesn’t have to know. Don’t tell him.”

“And if he finds out somehow?” 

“So, what if he does? It’s not like I’m going to use FBI funds. Levi can take Sara home as soon as they release her. He’ll take care of her. Ron will be there. See, nothing to worry about.” 

“Jagger, why are you worried about me suddenly?” She studied his eyes. “What happened?” 

“Nothing has happened. Nothing, since the first time you filled my vision. It’s the same as the day you walked up to me and thought I was Levi.” 

“Jagger, I’m not Dana.” 

His gaze turned steely, and his jaw tightened. After a breath of time, he reacted. “What the hell kind of statement is that; and what the hell do you mean?!” 

“Jagger, I’m a trained agent. I’m alright. I know my craft as second nature.” 

He remained rigid and unyielding in his stance. “And?” 

She shook her head taking a moment to think about what she should say. “I have a boss, I have a daughter, I cannot go against the rules. I can’t. No matter how much I may enjoy your company…” 

“Backup,” he corrected her. 

“You are out of your jurisdiction, Detective Scott!” 

“I can either go with, or without, your permission. It’s up to you. Either way, I’m there, I have your six.” He was barbarous in his exclamation of intent. “You have no choice Peyton.”

About the Book:

Forced Fracture is a fast-paced, imaginative, and alluring crime thriller romance novel that will keep you on your toes and rooting for love.

Detective Peyton Morgan is intelligent, independent, and ambitious. As FBI agent, she is unafraid to throw herself wholeheartedly into her work, doing whatever it takes to track down criminals and complete her assignments. Her newest case – a serial killer investigation – initially appears to be no different, that is, until the handsome but infuriatingly stubborn Detective Jagger Scott barges onto the case and tries to take control. Sparks fly in a tense power struggle, and the tension between Peyton and Jagger is only amplified by their intense physical attraction to each other.

With a highly dangerous serial killer still on the loose, can the two strong-willed individuals learn to work together before more innocent people are killed? Along the way, can they both find the courage to acknowledge their loneliness and accept their desire for each other?

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About the Author:

Tressa Hern is an accomplished author, psychology scholar, and support personnel employee for the police. Since she was 11, Tressa knew that she wanted to tell stories, and she has been an avid writer and storyteller from then on. After spending years in the workforce, Tressa is finally ready to recommit to her writing career, striving to create stories that are thought-provoking, colorful, and contain a unique combination of reality and rose-colored glasses.  In her free time, Tressa loves to get her hands dirty in her garden, cook spontaneous meals in her kitchen, and spend time with her family – who come before everything else.

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Instagram: Tressa2000