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book cover of VORTEX by Cara BristolVortex
Cara Bristol
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Vortex is the third book in the ongoing story about alien life and colonization on Sajave. Picking up where the second book leaves off, the story follows U.S. President Jodane’s advisor, Tempest Waters, as she tries to stay alive by keeping the president’s construction projects on Sajave up and running. However, Jodane doesn’t trust Tempest, so she sends her henchman, Bane, to follow Tempest to Sajave and terminate her, permanently. 

Vortex is another solid novella in the series. There is a good twist – I wasn’t sure how Bane could be redeemed because he is such a hardass jerk. I like that Tempest and Bane have known each other for a couple years, even though that time wasn’t spent as friends. The relationship is about trust and reaching the point where you just need to trust someone. 

I continue to enjoy the alien sand plot and that the sand is getting bolder, widening its circle of trust. However, things are coming to a head, and I feel like the folks on Sajave can’t keep the alien sand a secret for much longer. 

In the end, Vortex is an exciting tale that is best when read in order with the series. Although I had my doubts, Tempest and Bane work – they are both trapped out of a sense of duty, but find their way out.

My Rating: B

About the Book:

Her dream job is becoming her worst nightmare. 

Attorney Tempest Waters jumps at the chance to make a difference in the galaxy by joining the president’s administration. But once inside the White House she discovers the publicly personable politician is criminally corrupt and venal to the core. Unfortunately, Tempest has seen too much to be allowed to resign. When the menacing henchman Benjamin Bane begins dogging her every step she fears she may be in serious trouble. With the excuse of checking on the president’s planetary interests, she escapes to dune-covered, sand-blasted Sajave—only to have Bane follow her.

Not all cyborgs are good guys. Some are stone-cold killers. 

When Benjamin Bane undergoes the transformation to cyborg, he suffers a rare complication—the loss of his emotions. He’s unable to feel more than shallow sentiments. On the plus side, being dead inside makes his job as an enforcer doing the president’s dirty work a lot easier. But then he encounters Tempest Waters. Something about the unassuming, but efficient presidential aide catches his eye. What begins as mild interest soon becomes an obsession as she reawakens his dormant passions and sweeps him into a vortex of emotion.

But he can’t afford to feel anything. He’s been ordered to kill her. 

Release Date: October 20, 2022
Cara Bristol
Cyborg Force #3
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
paperback (299 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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