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book cover of Magic Tides by Ilona AndrewsMagic Tides
Ilona Andrews
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

Kate and family have left Atlanta to give their son Conlan a chance at a quieter, more normal childhood. (It doesn’t appear that anyone from their separate pack came with them.) Rebuilding a castle for their home, they are trying to fit in and keep a low profile. However, when Conlan comes to Kate with the story of a kidnapped boy, she knows she must take action. Her adventure introduces readers to parts of her new community, including the local Order chapter, the Farm (home of the Wilmington People), and the local Pack. The story sets the scene for future tales by laying out the land, along with potential allies and threats. 

Overall, Magic Tides is a wonderful Kate and Curran adventure. I loved jumping back into the world of one of my favorite series. The story is authentic Kate with some updates, including multiple first person POVs, although most are from Kate’s POV. Even though the book is shorter than a full-length novel, the storyline rich in detail and the plot is well-developed, giving readers a satisfying experience.

Kate is still Kate, and what I love is that Curran acknowledges this a few times throughout the story. It’s like… “Who are we kidding, we can’t expect our lives to be different just because we moved.” Their relationship is solid, and I continue to love their ability to understand and respect one another so well that they work together seamlessly. Their banter is better than ever, and the story is infused with the authors’ trademark humor:

 “Red Horn kills people,” Thomas said behind my back. “Your wife…”

“Will enjoy the exercise,” my husband said. “You know what they say. Happy wife, happy life.”

The biggest difference between this story and the original series is the addition of Curran’s and even Conlan’s POVs. The Curran POVs are familiar in that I know him so well after ten books and a handful of shorts. Even though his POV is also first person, I had no trouble shifting storytellers as the POVs changed. I am still a bit unsure how I feel about the Conlan POVs. He’s eight with the personality and mental abilities of someone much older. I understand he’s special, but it’s hard to reconcile his thought process and age after being privy to his POV. 

In the end, I adored Magic Tides and my return to all things Kate Daniels. While one could read this as a standalone, it’s going to be appreciated most by fans of the series. And as a huge fan, I loved it and hope for more stories soon. 

My Rating:  A, Loved It

About the Book:

Kate, Curran and their son, Conlan have left Atlanta, vowing to keep a low profile, and are settling into a new city and new house…but some things never change! Magical mayhem is about to erupt when Kate undertakes the rescue of a kidnapped youth, while Curran guards the homefront.

It should be a simple retrieval, but with monsters on land and sea, Kate’s got her work cut out for her. Still, she’s never let her blade dull or her purpose falter. And that low profile? It’s about to wash away with the raging tides!

Release Date: January 17, 2023
Publisher: NYLA
Kate Daniels: Wilmington Years #1; Kate Daniels #10.5
Urban Fantasy, long novella
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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