Review: 10 Signs You Need to Grovel by Kelly Siskind

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book cover of 10 Signs You Need to Grovel by Kelly Siskind10 Signs You Need to Grovel
Kelly Siskind
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Desmond and Sadie were high school sweethearts that had their HEA ripped away due to the sudden uprooting of and need to join WITSEC for Desmond’s family. Losing Sadie and their promising life nearly destroyed Desmond, so even though his family is finally free to leave WITSEC, Desmond remains a hermit. However, his family knows something he does not: he has a 10-year old son. It takes some time to track down Desmond, but once he finds out about Max, he vows to turn his life around.

10 Signs You Need to Grovel is the second story that follows a Bower Brother post-witness protection, trying to reclaim the life and love that was lost over ten years ago. I loved that once Sadie and Des are finally reunited, they go through what’s needed to get to HEA rather than just fall back into their former routine. They have strong memories of what was and what may have been, and the attraction is still there. But they are changed by ten additional years of experience and knowledge. It’s a bit awkward and there are stops and starts until they realized that it’s more than the past and their son bringing them together in the present. However, each needs to let go of the past versions of themselves to find their way to a happy and healthy future. I was frustrated a few times when I knew all they needed to do was talk honestly and listen fully to figure out things – but they get there eventually.

That said, I had a rough time with the first quarter-to-third of the story. Here’s the thing: I read this author because I love the stories she writes, the characters she creates, and the emotions she stirs in me. This time around, the main characters make a decision regarding their son which evoked feelings of anxiety in me – so much so that it impacted my sleep one night. I was mad and uncomfortable, but fought through it. And in the end, the author wrote a lovely outcome and delightful story. But Desmond tried me with his decisions as he grows into the man and father he’s meant to be.

I also had some issues with Olivia, a know-it-all, too smart for her age hiker in Desmond’s camp, and how Desmond deals with her. I don’t care how crappy her parents are, she talks to Desmond as an equal and it’s off-putting and annoying. She bullies Des into confessing things that are way to big to put on a 12-year-old’s shoulders. Over time, the relationship balances, but I don’t like that Des’s somewhat confidant is Olivia.

After a rough start for me, I ended up really enjoying 10 Signs You Need to Grovel. I’m glad fought through those difficult-for-me moments. Desmond and Sadie share a beautiful story. Desmond reconnecting with his family brought tears to my eyes. Desmond becoming a strong, loving father for his son is heartwarming.

My Rating:  B

About the Book:

For the last ten years, I’ve been living a lie in witness protection. But the drug cartel that put me there isn’t a threat anymore, so I can have my life back. I should be thrilled, right?


The last thing I want to do is go back home and show everyone how far I’ve fallen. I’m not the high-powered lawyer they all expect me to be. I’m just a guy who slings drinks and scowls at the world.

But then I hear about Max, my ex’s ten-year-old son. My ten-year-old son.

I have to go back now. Figure out how to be a dad. Face the love of my life. Make things right with Sadie and earn her trust. Will she have me—or is it too late to reinvent myself as the man she once loved?

Release Date: January 31, 2023
Bower Boys #2
Contemporary Romance
paperback (317 pages), e-book, audiobook
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