#TBRChallenge2023 Review: Sweet Tea & Second Chances by Dylan Crush

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Book cover of Sweet Tea & Second Chances by Dylan CrushSweet Tea & Second Chances
 Dylan Crush
Rating: C+


  • January’s Theme is “Starting Over”
  • This book has been on my TBR since July 13, 2022 when I received it as a freebie.
  • Why I selected it: it’s a second chance romance, a chance to start over.

What I’m Talking About:

Cassie is apprehensive about returning to Swallow Springs, Missouri, and the home she lived in with her grandparents every summer until she went off to college. There are too many memories that she’d like to keep tucked away, include those of the boy who broke her heart. But she needs to fix up and sell the home so she can move forward with her dream of owning her own restaurant and return to her life in Dallas. Robbie never forgot Cassie and now that she’s back in Swallow Springs, he intends to convince her to stay. 

Sweet Tea & Second Chances is a tender second chance romance featuring two best friends who grew apart because of sabotage and other circumstances but find their way back to one another. Robbie is certain they are meant to be, but Cassie is only focused on her life back in Dallas. Even though they share a strong attraction, Cassie works hard to keep her distance. I was not happy that the author chose to make Cassie drunk the night she gives into her desires, because a sober Cassie would not have slept with Robbie. And I was disappointed that Robbie, who knew she was drunk, still bedded her. 

While Cassie and Robbie mesh, she spends most of the book pushing away Robbie and her feelings for him because “it’s not her plan.” She stays focused on what she thinks she wants in Dallas and ignores any feelings they are contrary to her plan. I don’t have a problem with this, however, her constant need to remind herself of her goals and that she is leaving creates a lot of repetition. And I felt like it took Cassie way too long to realize what she really wanted out of life. 

The story is low conflict, with a few characters and situations meant to add road bumps. Each case was successful to different degrees. I felt Cassie was a bit wishy washy with her attitude and feelings, and also in her reactions to those around her. She let her business partner dictate so much of her actions, even though it was clear he wasn’t a good fit. 

In the end, Sweet Tea & Second Chances was a decent read, and I do love second chance stories.

My Rating: C+

About the Book:

The boy next door is about to rock my world… again. 

There’s no room in my new life for an old flame. Especially not when the sparks still smolder.

But the only way to claim my big city future is by cutting ties with my small town past, and I find myself caught between a rock of regret and the hard planes of Robbie Jordan’s chest. 

I only need to survive until he fixes up my grandparents’ house and I can cash out. But he’s got a truck full of tools and knows exactly how to use them. Not to mention the things that man can do with a hammer…

Release Date: April 26, 2019
Lovebird Café #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance, m/f
paperback (308 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: freebie download

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