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Ten Questions with Shari Nichols:

1. What made you choose Raven’s Hollow as your setting?

RH is actually Hoboken NJ. I’ve visited the town with a friend (I live about an hour away) and it’s actually a great place for an urban fantasy. There are lots of restaurants, bars, a gorgeous hotel and a spooky cave, which is featured in book two, MIDNIGHT TEMPTATION.

2. When you aren’t writing, you are____

Working on my thesis for grad school, doing yoga and Pilates, walking at the park. Going out to dinner with family and friends. Drinking matcha lattes and cheap chardonnay. 

3. Your hardest book to write.

MIDNIGHT CRAVING because of the intricate suspense element. Imagine if every person you ever cared about became the target of a madman? Then set it in a paranormal world and make it a romance. The reviews have been amazing and it’s up for an award, so I guess it was worth it! ☺ 

4. Your ideal writing place.

My desk. But I get ideas in the shower, while I’m driving, or watching TV. I write things on scraps of paper or on the notes app on my phone. I got a moleskin notebook from my son’s fiancée that I need to start using.  

5. Your favorite childhood book.

All of the Judy Blume books. I devoured them. I’ve always been drawn to characters with everyday problems. I try to remember that and use it to breathe life into my characters. 

6. The book you’ve reread the most.

I’ve reread Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren a million times and it always makes me crack up. Likewise with Tangled by Emma Chase. I love their quirky voices. Their books are so fun! 

7. Your favorite hero from literature.

Mr. Darcy of course. He’s so complicated, and there’s all this brooding and sexual energy thrumming beneath the surface. I love him. 

8. The name of your autobiography.

Keep It Going- I enjoy learning new things, and try to look at the world with wonder. I’ll try a new recipe and love meeting new people. It keeps things fresh. I love anything to do with wellness and anti-aging. I hope to travel more.   

9. Your favorite comfort food.

Dark chocolate, lime chips with avocado.

10. Where have you always wanted to travel?

Greece, Australia, Israel, Egypt, Scotland. I’d love to hit all the castles and do the Outlander tour. 

Excerpt from After Midnight:

Book cover of AFTER MIDNIGHT by Shari NicholsDo you remember when you asked me what my favorite color was?” 

The vibration of Nico’s voice made Brooke ache all over. She nodded and gulped her wine, catching a slight buzz. “Aries typically favor red.”    

“But I chose purple for the color of the dress you wore at the wedding.”  

A surge of heat spread from her cheeks to her neck. His sweet words blew through the last of her defenses. “You remember the color of my dress?” 

“I remember a lot of things, tiny details about people that interest me.” Their gazes locked, and she couldn’t look away from the heat and hunger burning in his eyes.   

“I…didn’t know. You never said anything.” Brooke stared at his lips as he lifted his glass. They were full and sensual, perfect for kissing.

I heard you were taken, and I didn’t want to be a jerk.” The deep timber of his voice slid into her blood, igniting her desire.  

I was, but we broke up.” When the season changed, so did his feelings. And like all the others, she never heard from him again. Another ghost situation. She wondered why she even bothered to date anymore, but then loneliness would creep in through the cracks of her heart, and she’d dive in again. 

“I’m sorry, but the way I see it, this is my lucky day. The truth is I’ve been thinking about you for months now.” 

The admission sent her heart galloping. His charisma made him shine brighter than any star in the sky. Why get excited? They’d go out a few times, have some fun. And based on the chemistry pulsing between them, they’d have mind-blowing sex that would last for days. But then summer would turn to fall, and he’d forget all about her, and she’d be left broken-hearted.

Seeing you again brought my attraction back full force. Keep your fee, Brooke, and go out with me.” 

A thrilling sensation moved through her, but she ignored it and pushed on. “I’m flattered, believe me, but I can’t. I don’t date my clients. It’s a strict rule of mine.” 

“Technically, I was only a client for about five minutes.” His phone beeped. He glanced at the screen and muttered a curse. “I’m sorry. I have to go put some fires out at the restaurant.” Nico pulled out his wallet and slapped some cash on the bar. “Let me drop you off and make sure you get home safely.”

“I appreciate it, but it’s out of your way. I’ll be fine.” She didn’t want to be alone with him in a confined space. It would be too tempting. 

Nico looked like he wanted to argue, but eventually shook his head. “Let’s get out of here.” He rested his warm hand at the small of her back as they walked to the front doors. Searing heat singed through the thin material of her dress, and she swore her panties caught fire. 

They stopped at the revolving double door as well-dressed couples walked in and out of the hotel. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, and a soft hum of electricity sparked between them. 

“Think about what I said. I’m not going anywhere, unless I read the situation wrong, and you’re not interested.”

“No…it’s not that. Quite the contrary, but I hope you understand why I can’t go out with you. It may sound silly, but I have rules about these types of things.”

“I respect your decision, but I want you to remember one thing.” He bent his head and whispered close to her ear. “Rules are meant to be broken.” 

Her breath lodged in her throat. His words left her flushed and too aware of every scorching inch of him. She watched as he pushed through the doors onto the sidewalk and disappeared through the crowd. 

Sighing with arousal and frustration, tonight she’d nix the bath in favor of an ice-cold shower. 

About the Book:

An ancient curse has prevented astrologer Brooke Howe from finding true love. She hides her longing by matching others, with the hope of someday changing her fate. When Nico Denopoulos, the gorgeous younger brother of a friend, struts into her shop seeking a soulmate, she’s immediately drawn to his magnetic presence and his romantic heart. She can’t deny the intense sensation that she knows the sexy-as- sin chef, but can’t figure out why. 

An ugly divorce has kept Nico laser-focused on the opening of his new restaurant. He’s been single for years, but now loneliness has crept into the cracks of his heart. Fearing that he‘s grown bitter, he has high hopes that Brooke can help him with his problem, except for one thing— the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her—in every possible way. 

As much as Brooke wants to believe Nico is the real deal, she fears that when the seasons change, so will his feelings. She’s terrified of falling for him, and despite her best efforts to resist him, they’re inextricably drawn together. She can’t help but wonder if he may hold the secret to reversing the curse and changing her destiny. A secret from their shared past life will either bring them closer, or tear them apart forever.

Book Title: After Midnight
Author: Shari Nichols
Series: Ravens Hollow Coven #4

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