Sunday Snippet #Audiobook Edition: Whiskey Lies by Brittanée Nicole

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Whiskey Lies

Author: Brittanée Nicole
Narrators: Joe Arden and Lucy Rivers
Publisher: BB Publishing LLC
Release Date: Date
Series: Boston Billionaires #1
Genre: Billionaire Contemporary Romance

Audio Snippet:

Text Snippet:

Chapter 1 


Now Live Audiobook image of Whiskey Lies on a phone with headphonesWhiskey stares at me with a smirk pulling at his top lip. I’d totally zoned out during my inner pep talk. “I’m Cash.” He holds out his hand, and the gold Rolex on his wrist grabs my attention.

A laugh escapes my throat. “Of course you are.” 

I take his hand in mine, and his brow quirks up. His hand is smooth, but the size of it envelops mine and leaves me imagining the way it would feel if it slid up my throat. 

Down girl. I don’t know what is with my mind today. I’ve never been someone into that kind of kink, and yet the way this man is owning me with just a stare is turning my insides to mush. 

“Why do you say ‘of course you are’?” His lips are perpetually caught in that curl, as if he’s constantly in on life’s jokes. Men like him always are—above the crowd, surveying everything, and taking what they want. 

“It’s the way you carry yourself. The smoothness of your shirt, your Rolex.” My eyes dip down to his watch, and he nods. 

“Go on. Tell me what else you see when you look at me.” The mischievous glint in his eye sends a zing down to my toes. Or perhaps it’s just the champagne doing its job. 

I tap my manicured nail against my lips. Forget what I see when I look at him. What must he see when he looks at me? A desperate divorcée past her prime? Or maybe, just maybe, I can salvage the next few hours and remember the woman I used to be. Put together, wise, a smart-ass when necessary. That’s the me I like to think that I am when I’m not standing in Steven’s shadow. 

“Well, from the way your hair is cut I’d guess you didn’t go to the mall for a trim. You likely spend more on product and the barber than I do.” 

Laughter crinkles his eyes. It’s a deep laugh, and I crave to hear it again. “Keep going.” 

Emboldened by his obvious enjoyment, I continue, “Your shirt is pressed and there isn’t a wrinkle in your dark jeans. They are tailored perfectly to your legs. And your skin color—that serene, tanned olive complexion—makes it clear that you spend quite a bit of time on pleasurable trips rather than in the office.”

 I quirk my brow to see if I’m right. He shakes his head as he smiles. “Anything else?” 

Before I can stop myself, I reply, “And you have your pick of women wherever you go, but you’re selective with whom you spend your time. It’s not breasts and short skirts that interest you. You like a challenge.” 

Cash’s arm takes up the entire armrest, and he leans his chin on his hand, staring at me. He’s so close I can feel his warm breath. And his cologne, which smells like fresh-cut wood with a hint of fire, dances around me. “Are you a challenge, Ms.…?” He waits for me to provide my name. 

I almost correct him and say Missus, but why would I do that? Just to sass him? I smile. “Grace.” 

The whiskey in his eyes turns a deep bourbon as his face softens. “Grace,” he repeats, as if trying it out on his tongue. My chest constricts at the sound, and I imagine what it would sound like if he whispered it in my ear while making me come. “So, are you?” he asks. 

Am I what? My mind is blank. I’ve completely left the public plane we are seated in and moved us into a fantasy of my own making.

“Hm?” I quirk my head in confusion. 

He smiles again. “Are you a challenge, Grace?” 

I bite my lip and summon my inner hussy before lifting my champagne glass with a promise, “Not for the next three days.” 

Cash laughs. “Then I guess you’re wrong about me, Grace.” 

“Hm?” I ask, with a twinkle in my eye. 

Am I flirting? Oh, yes, I definitely am. 

“I’m not interested in challenging women…at least not for the next few days.” 

About the Book:

He says I’m his soul mate. But I’m also another man’s wife.

It was supposed to be a simple weekend away to forget the heartache caused by my cheating husband. But the man sitting next to me in 1B has different plans. Cash’s whiskey-colored eyes and easy smile beg me to dance beneath the stars, kiss in the moonlight, and walk hand in hand down the streets of Boston. Unfortunately, life has other plans because I’m still married, and Cash James is the billionaire playboy standing between me and my dream promotion.

My job is simple—find Mr. James a wife. But nothing is easy when simply walking into his office and inhaling his woodsy scent makes me feel a buzz like I’ve just sipped straight from the whiskey bottle. He makes me tipsy with emotion. Breathless, fearless, and stupid.

Because no matter how good it feels in the moment, our love burns on the way down.

Whiskey Lies is book one of the Falling for Whiskey duet. It is a billionaire contemporary romance. This book is part of a duet and is not a stand-alone.

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About the Author:

Author photo of Brittanée NicoleBrittanée is an author who lives in New England with her husband and two children. Her town is a character in itself in all of her books. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time outdoors by the water with her children, reading at the beach or by the pool (or really anywhere), dancing with her friends, singing Karaoke, spinning, bike riding and boating. Some of her favorite authors are Sophia Kinsella, Elin Hilderbrand, Liane Moriarty, Mary Higgins Clark, Meghan Quinn, Daphne Elliott, Amy Alves, Claire Kingsley, Melanie Harlow, Christina Lauren, Sally Thorne and Sarah Adams. Clearly, she has a problem and can’t pick favorites.

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