#TBRChallenge2023 #Audiobook Review: Eclipse the Moon by Jessie Mihalik

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  • February’s Theme is “Getaway”
  • This book has been on my TBR since May 18, 2022 when I pre-ordered the audiobook on Audible.
  • Why I selected it: Kee needs to get away from her feelings for her shipmate

Audiobook review: Eclipse the Moon by Jessie Mihalik

audiobook cover of Eclipse the Moon by Jessie Mihalik

Kee has strong feelings for her Valovian crewmate Varro, but he does not return her flirtation affections. Kee needs to get away from her feelings for and close proximity to Varro, while also doing some deep research (hacking), so she takes advantage of a stop at a space station and stays behind. But when things look a bit dicey, Varro reveals he’s been following her all along.

Eclipse the Moon is the second exciting space adventure romance in the Starlight Shadow series. The book continues the overall story featuring the traitorous General Morton and his plans to restart the Human-Voloff conflict. This time the story is shared solely from engineer and hacker specialist Kee. I love Kee. I love how she complains that her body betrays her with tears no matter what strong feeling she experiences. I am this person. I hate that I cry when happy, mad, sad, etc. But I’ve learned to live with it. 

Kee is extremely confident in her own feelings, but unsure of what Varro feels, and she is somewhat less confident in her abilities as a field operative. I like that Kee doesn’t sit idly when things fall apart. With her feelings and relationship, she confronts Varro, not letting him just walk away or stay silent. In combat, she’s creative and finds a way to not only survive, but help others. I love watching her confidence grow, as well as the self acknowledgment of her strength. 

Varro is a bit of a wild card, and since we don’t get his POV, we don’t know his true feelings or intentions. At times I was frustrated along side Kee with Varro’s Valovian Honor, which was “forcing” him to walk away from her. His honor and overprotective nature could have easily doomed the relationship, but Kee wouldn’t allow it. I didn’t love that she had to convince him to see things her way, but I did like how she was able to see things from his perspective.

There is a LOT of action throughout the story. It’s exciting and kept me on my proverbial toes. However, Kee nearly dies a couple too many times for my tastes. With that said, the author does a nice job balancing the relationship development and the kidnapping plot.

Narration: The story is shared via the first person POV of Kee. The narrator uses a strong and upbeat feminine voice which suits Kee, who is an optimist. The narrator utilizes various inflections and tone changes for emotions. Dialogue is slightly adjusted for gender, race, and age, making each character unique. She gives the Valloffs a slight accent to differentiate their race. Her males are deeper and masculine. Overall, it is a solid performance and enjoyable to listen to. 

With how the book ended, I’m looking forward to the third and final Starlight tale, which promises to pull the crew into Valoff space for some excitement and danger.

My Ratings
Story: B
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Kee Ildez has been many things: hacker, soldier, bounty hunter. She never expected to be a hero, but when a shadowy group of traitors starts trying to goad the galaxy’s two superpowers into instigating an interstellar war, Kee throws herself into the search to find out who is responsible—and stop them.

Digging up hidden information is her job, so hunting traitors should be a piece of cake, but the primary suspect spent years in the military, and someone powerful is still covering his tracks. Disrupting their plans will require the help of her entire team, including Varro Runkow, a Valovian weapons expert who makes her pulse race.

Quiet, grumpy, and incredibly handsome, Varro watches her with hot eyes but ignores all of her flirting, so Kee silently vows to keep her feelings strictly platonic. But that vow will be put to the test when she and Varro are forced to leave the safety of their ship and venture into enemy territory alone.

Cut off from the rest of their team, they must figure out how to work together—and fast—because a single misstep will cost thousands of lives.

Author: Jessie Mihalik
 Frankie Corzo
 Starlight’s Shadow #2
Genre: Sci-fi Romance
Audiobook Release Date: July 12, 2022
Publisher: HarperAudio
Length: 12 hours 21 mins
Source: purchased
Audio Speed: 1.5x

Purchase info:
Audible/Amazon (affilate link)