Book Spotlight: Baked Inn Love by Erin Branscom

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Baked Inn Love

Author: Erin Branscom
Publisher: Erin Branscom
Release Date: November 14, 2022
Series: Freedom Valley series #2; can be read as a standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance


book cover of Baked Inn Love by Erin BranscomAllie stirs. “I smell coffee. Logan, is there coffee? If there’s coffee, I’m going to marry you right now.”  

“Well, I’ll prepare my vows,” I say, chewing a mouthful of donut.  

She sits up and looks at me. “And donuts? I’m going to have your babies, too.” I choke on my donut, and she laughs. “Just kidding. But seriously, you are the best. I’m glad I got to lock you down before some other girl discovers how freaking awesome you are, even if it’s not real. No babies. I wouldn’t be opposed to a dog, though.” She sits up and takes a sip of her coffee and leans back against the headboard, sighing appreciatively.  

I grin at her and set my phone down and grab my coffee. “Are you opposed to having more children?” 

“I’m not. But I thought you were.” 

“I like kids, I just haven’t found the right person to have them with.” 

“Really? I thought you wanted to focus on your career?” 

“I don’t know. I like to keep an open mind. I could have both.” 

“You surprise me,” she says. “I’ll miss this time I had with you when it’s over.” 

“We don’t have to miss it,” I say. Just having her lying here next to me makes my senses spin. She’s become a best friend, and deep down, I do want more. If I’m being honest, I am terrified I’ll mess it up. 

“What do you mean?” she says as she turns to face me. 

“Well, it doesn’t have to end. I’m coming with you, and as an employee of the Boston office, I’ll be working remotely in Freedom Valley for the holidays. I’ll be going back and forth to Boston a few times, but you and Caleb can come there with me, too.” I stretch my legs out in front of me. 

A soft and vulnerable expression washes her face. She exhales, looking like she’s about to deliver bad news. “We’ve gotten close,” she says carefully, looking at me. “I have loved this time with you, every second of it, and I would be interested to see where this goes. If we tried for real, if we were for real.” 

“For real?” I say quietly. 

“Yeah. For real,” she murmurs, tracing her fingers down the pillow next to me and looking up at me with her big green eyes. I can tell she’s nervous, and my heart pounds as she comes to a halt inches from my face.

About the Book:

Friend’s to lovers, fake marriage, epic road trip, millionaire, single parent, different worlds.

Single-mom Allie’s only bright light is her son, four-year-old Caleb. When Allie is fired from her job, and Caleb’s previously absent father returns to fight for custody, she knows it’s time to leave San Diego. To get closer to her support systems, she needs to move across the country to her family inn in Freedom Valley, New Hampshire. Enter Logan Nolan, a handsome Canadian literary agent. When a good friend begs him to help bring Allie and Caleb home, he can’t say no. During the road trip, Allie and Logan realize they have something to offer each other: A marriage of convenience.

Before they know it, Allie and Logan live as a family in Freedom Valley. Allie, a passionate baker, starts her own business, and Logan learns how to balance his career with his new pretend family. Logan never saw himself as a family man, but as he spends more time with Allie and Caleb, he begins to rethink his views. Allie has always gotten by on her own, but with Logan around, she’s starting to wish her marriage was real, especially as Caleb’s father’s efforts to take his son intensify. Can Allie and Logan give in to their true feelings and turn make-believe into something real?

*Baked Inn Love is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Falling Inn Love as the characters and families are connected.*

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Baked Inn Love