Review: Too Wrong to Be Right by Melonie Johnson

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Book cover of Too Wrong to be Right by Melonie JohnsonToo Wrong to Be Right
Melonie Johnson
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Kat’s boyfriend of six months tells her he’s leaving for an audition in Vancouver to be the host of a reality dating show, asks her to watch his pet hedgehog Jojo, then tells her that he’s never coming back. Mick, with his older brother and younger sister, runs the family funeral home, where Mick hasn’t quite found his place. 

After a meet-cute worthy of a rom-com, Kat and Mick become friends. Each is attracted to the other, but they keep it to themselves. He values her friendship above the risk of more. Meanwhile, Kat confides in Mick that she’s created a list of the attributes for her perfect guy, since she’s picked so many losers in the past. Kat really likes Mick, but starting a relationship based on physical attraction is what doomed her in the past, so instead, she looks to Mick’s brother Joe, who checks off every feature on her Mr. Perfect list.

I absolutely adored Too Wrong to Be Right! Melonie Johnson nails the friends-to-lovers trope with Kat and Mick, bringing readers humor and all the feels. I knew I’d love this book from the beginning when Kat spends time with her grandma, evoking longing for my own Granny, making me deeply nostalgic. I could feel the love between the pair, and I had a few tears in my own eyes.

Ms. Johnson continues to evoke emotions when she brings the Kat and Mick close to more and then pulls them away. The longing is intense, and my heart would race with each kiss that left Kat and Mick yearning for more. As this dance continues, they grow to be close friends and confidants. It’s so obvious to the reader, as well as the pair’s families, that they are falling in love, yet each chooses not to risk more. It was frustrating (in a good way) to watch them each wait for a sign from the other to indicate they wanted more. 

Too Wrong to Be Right is a joy from beginning to end. A true rom-com, it made me laugh and played with my heartstrings. Mick and Kat’s story evoked a wide array of emotions and left me contented. I highly recommend!

My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot

About the Book:

After her latest jerk of a boyfriend dumps her (and ditches her with his pet hedgehog), florist Kat Kowalski is done chasing after Mr. Wrong. With her two best friends moving on to more serious relationships, she’s ready to stop repeating the same mistakes that are leaving her stuck in the single lane. Armed with a list of qualities for her perfect Mr. Right, Kat swears off dating until she finds him.

Then in a meet-disaster involving a corpse and a salty cockatoo, she stumbles across Mick O’Sullivan at his family’s funeral home. Their immediate chemistry warns Kat to keep things platonic; after all, following her heart never worked out in the past, and this time she’s determined to listen to her head. But can Kat and Mick be just friends? As she gets to know him better, the lines blur, and Kat starts to wonder if she’s gotten it wrong and Mick is exactly who she’s been looking for… 

Release Date: February 28, 2023
St. Martin’s Griffin
Unnamed #2; Standalone
Contemporary Romance
paperback (368 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: NetGalley

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