Sunday Snippet: All Inn Thyme by Erin Branscom

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All Inn Thyme

Author: Erin Branscom
Publisher: Erin Branscom
Release Date: March 30, 2023
Series: Freedom Valley Series #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance


All Inn Thyme by Erin Branscom book cover“I see you met Nova,” a deep, friendly voice drawls from behind me.

I startle and quickly lower my eyes, instinctively going into chameleon mode when I recognize that voice. I’ve seen Ty around town often, and I’m well aware of who he is, but he probably has no clue who I am given that we’ve only actually spoken one time. To say he’s good looking is putting it mildly. He’s like the ultimate manly-man cinnamon roll.

I’ve had a crush on him since the first time I laid eyes on him. It was last summer when we were both new here in town. I saw him fixing something at Sam’s Auto Body when I walked by with Kase. He probably didn’t even see me, but I couldn’t have missed him, especially with his baseball hat on backward. I had no idea what he was fixing, but whatever it was, mine was broken. His intense blue eyes mirrored his dark blue coveralls, and the way he leaned over the engine with his biceps flexed still makes my heart go into overdrive when I think about it.

After that, I’d see him around town sporadically—at the local pizza place, the hardware store. And each time, I’d crush just a little bit harder. Then, I found out that it had been Beth’s car he was fixing at the shop, and when he dropped it off at the inn last fall, I had been the only one there. I still remember taking the keys from him, the way my hand felt like it was on fire when I brushed his hand. Sure, he was friendly to me, but he didn’t say much more than a handful of pleasantries. And I said nothing. I just continuously nodded like a yuppie and all but tripped over my own two feet.

Smooth, Mellie.

I still cringe at how awkward I was that day. God only knows what Ty must have thought of me.

I think every woman in Freedom Valley has at least a small crush on Ty, if the talk around town is to be believed. I mean, how could they not? His dark blond, neatly trimmed beard, his piercing blue eyes, and charisma that could charm anyone. He’s got the blue-collar mechanic hotness going for him, but he also cleans up nice and looks smoking hot when I’ve seen him around in jeans and a flannel.

I’m a housekeeper at an inn, a single mom just trying to survive. He’s way out of my league, anyway.

But to say my life is complicated is an understatement, and I have no time for getting involved with a man, no matter how hot. So, I’ll just admire from afar and keep it moving.

“We haven’t formally met,” I say softly, coming back to the present, still stroking Nova’s silky velvet head as she leans into my thigh. My gaze is still on the dog. I’m trying not to look at him because I’m afraid I’ll spontaneously combust or forget my own name if I do.

“I’m Ty. And you’re Mellie, right?” He squats down to pet Nova, who’s now lying on her back, her feet in the air, accepting all the scratches and belly rubs with glee.

She reminds me of Sassy, who also loved belly rubs. Pain stabs me for a second, and I try to shake it off just like I do every time I remember something from before. Something that we had to leave behind. Most of it I can live without, but some things I do miss. Like my dog. I’d give anything to go back and get her. To some people they may say, it’s just a dog, but to me, that dog is my family.

“Yes, and this is my son, Kase.” I wave. Ugh, why am I waving? Keep it together, Mellie. Keep it together. I smooth my hoodie and stand. He’s so handsome, it literally hurts my eyes to look at him, so I go back to petting the dog.

About the Book:

He’s Freedom Valley’s blue-collar hottie. I’m the housekeeper at the Golden Gable Inn, obsessed with gardening and creating a simple life for my son and me. He’s a mechanic by trade, so he fixes things. He tried to fix me, but it turns out we needed to fix each other. . .

When I said “I do” five years ago, I was young and had no idea the nightmare I was walking into.

When I finally escaped my husband with my young son, we ended up at an idyllic family-owned New England inn, living under new names and building a life that was safe and happy with new friends that became like family to us. I thought had figured out a way to make our lives beautiful and happy again.

Then I met Ty, the sexy and charming yet protective mechanic who didn’t seem to mind my complicated past. But then we unexpectedly ended up housemates, and he became everything I never knew I wanted or needed.

Like any good mechanic, he’s good at fixing broken things, and he’s been hard at work fixing my heart.

He showed us what a real family could be like and fixed the family he didn’t break.

And now, I can’t imagine our lives without him.

Only it turns out we both may have something to hide.

When secrets surface and truths are revealed, can our hearts be rebuilt?

*All Inn Thyme is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Falling Inn Love as the characters and families are connected.*

Reverse grumpy sunshine, right next door, protector, a woman in jeopardy, single parent, mistaken identity, shelter from the storm, created families, saving someone you love, ultimate cinnamon roll, undercover love, small town, circle of friends. He fixes the family he didn’t break.

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