Listen Up! Audiobook Review: Talisman Tails by Danielle Garrett

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Audiobook review: Talisman Tails by Danielle Garrett

audiobook cover of Talisman Tails by Danielle GarrettFor all my issues with this series (Selene’s over-the-top snarky attitude, the fact that the last three books were actually one story), I really enjoyed how this one ended. Originally, the author had planned to wrap up Cora and Selene’s stories with Talisman Tails; however, she’s since told fans that she’s enjoying the world too much and plans to continue. 

As a standalone story, Talisman Tails fails; however, as a finale to the series-long story arc of what happened to Aunt Lavender, the book shines. The story is filled with adventure and insight, bringing the plotline to a very satisfying conclusion. And while Selene is as feisty as ever, she finds a way to let Cora know she cares. I also appreciate that the author finally allows time for Cora and Clint to talk, clearing the air for their eventual HEA.

While I really enjoyed the story, I still had issues. Firstly, at the end of the previous book, bad guy August refers to his boss as “her,” yet as soon as this one begins in the same scene, we find out that his boss is unknown developer, Winslow (he/him). While it’s a small oversight, it’s annoying none the less. Additionally, Selene continues to spew hateful words at everyone, including those she cares about. Yes, it’s her defense mechanism, but I’m tired of it. Finally, there are times when Cora notices something she deems off, but then the author never comes back to it to let us know what made Cora feel that way. 

Narration: Ms. Ronconi continues to provide the voice of Cora and her friends. Shared in the first person POV of Cora, Ms. Ronconi provides an upbeat voice for Cora, matching emotion fitting to the story. Ms. Ronconi slightly alters each character’s voice based on age, gender, background, and species. There are times that some characters sound very similar. Selene’s voice is still awesome: a perfect fit for the annoying cat. 

Overall, I enjoyed the Nine Lives Magic series, and recommend to fans of paranormal cozies, just be forewarned that the final three books are basically one story. I look forward to seeing where the author takes Cora next.

My Ratings
Story: B
Narration: B+

About the Book:

The truth of what happened to Aunt Lavender has finally been dragged into the light—so why does everything feel darker than before?

With the help of Selene and an unexpected ally, we have one final mission to accomplish. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re not going down without a fight.

Author: Danielle Garrett
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Series: Nine Lives Magic #6
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Audiobook Release Date: March 28, 2023
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 5 hrs and 40 mins
Source: Tantor Audio
Audio Speed: 1.4x

Purchase Info:
Audible/Amazon (affiliate link)

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