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Book cover of A Problem Princess by Anna HarringtonA Problem Princess
Anna Harrington
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

It’s been about six months since the conclusion of the previous book which saw the supposed head Scepter killed. Clayton is positive the group is still out there in the shadows and is driven to leave no stone unturned in his quest. However, if Scepter is truly gone, his next mission is to uncover the truth about his father’s conviction and hanging years ago. 

Cordelia is the Princess of Monrovia, distantly related to the British monarchy. She’s in London to express her condolences over Princess Charlotte’s death in childbirth; however she understands her true duty is to snag a royal husband. Orphaned 10 years ago, when she was 14, she was raised by her Uncle and Aunt. When someone makes an attempt on Cordelia’s life, Clayton is there to save her. Convinced it’s part of a Scepter plot, he integrates himself as head of Cordelia’s safety.

Cordelia and Clayton are perfect for one another. Both without family, both tied to inescapable duty, and both have the need to discover the truth about their fathers and if they were innocent of the accusations brought against them. I enjoy how they discuss duty and how it’s shaped their lives. The romance is flirtatious, sweet, and sexy. The pair fits as they help each other to be better versions of themselves. The problem? She’s a princess who must marry a royal. But I love that she wants him and goes for it.

While each book is a standalone romance, there has been an overarching plot about Scepter, a group of anarchists who intend to disrupt England’s government. The Scepter aspect comes to a spectacular close in A Problem Princess. While there may have been clues in earlier books, I never picked up on them; however, as soon as this one started, it was pretty obvious who the “bad guy” would be – although I did not anticipate how far their reach extended. 

In the end, A Problem Princess brings a fantastic end to the Scepter story arc. The author allows the series to conclude with a bang, while putting all of the pieces together in a fun way. I also enjoyed her “based on history” section after the story was over. 

My Rating: B+  Liked it a lot

About the Book:

General Clayton Elliott, Home Office Undersecretary and new viscount, gets suspicious when London is too quiet. Everyone says that the anarchist group he’s been fighting died along with its leader, but his instincts say just the opposite.

Then he meets Her Serene Highness Princess Cordelia of Monrovia. She’s supposed to be on an innocent visit to London to make a match with one of the royal dukes. Resigned to doing her duty for her country, she doesn’t even care which duke. But when she is shockingly attacked at a party, Clayton becomes her bodyguard. Is there a connection between the evil group Scepter and whoever apparently wants the princess dead? The longer Clayton and Cordelia spend evading her enemies and pursuing their individual missions, the more they realize they can depend only on each other…

Release Date: April 11, 2023
Lords of the Armory #6
Historical Romance
paperback (408 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: NetGalley

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