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Book cover of Both Feet in the Grave by Jeaniene FrostBoth Feet in the Grave
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Rating: A+

What I’m Talking About:

I’m loving this side of the Night Huntress series, reading Cat and Bones’ story through his POV is eye opening. Both Feet in the Grave is the companion novel to One Foot in the Grave. I call it a companion because it’s the same story but told through Bones’ perspective. Reading these has been like when you watch a movie or TV show where the story starts at the end and they show you what happened hours/days earlier to get you to that end. That is if you have already read the original books in the series released years ago told from Cat’s POV. You know how it’s going to end but now you get to see all “missing” details as in what Bones is doing and feeling while we are left wondering in Cat’s books. She’s the mystery now (if you’re new to this series). 

For example if you are a fan and have read One Foot in the Grave you know about chapter 32 (wink) but in Both Feet in the Grave that scene takes place in chapter 39. Still sexy but for me it wasn’t as hot because we don’t experience it through Cat’s POV. I think the difference in chapter numbering shows there’s a lot going on on Bones’ side that the readers and Cat do not get in the original book. 

There is another scene similar where Bones leaves Cat and Annette alone, but because we are reading his side of the story we get to see him in a “dumb guy” moment when Rodney points out to him the error of his ways. That made me laugh and see that Bones might be alpha, sexy and dreamy but he really is just a dude without a clue to women sometimes. 

I’m totally in love with this series again and it’s fun relearning it through Bones eyes. I can’t wait for more! I keep remembering key moments where Cat wished she knew what Bones was doing or thinking and now as a reader I know. There’s some heartbreaking moments coming up in the series and I can’t wait to experience them with Bones.

If you’re an old fan of the Night Huntress series and would like to do a reread, I encourage you to do it with Bones’s POV. If you’re new to the world you can start with the original or this new retelling, you can’t lose either way. I’m thinking I might take the time to reread At Grave’s End the 3rd book in the Night Huntress series before the newest Bones’s book (#3) comes out. I’ve reread the originals a few times and I could easily see myself doing a reread of them all together at some point.

My Rating: A+  Personal Favorite

About the Book:

If you thought you learned more about the dangerous and sexy alpha vampire, Bones, in The Other Half of the Grave, you haven’t seen anything yet…

This is Bones, in his own words…

Two hundred years of bounty hunting made Bones the best at what he does, yet it’s still taken him four long years to find Cat, the half vampire now known as the “Red Reaper.” There’s a price on Cat’s head, and not even her job as a secret government agent can save her. Only Bones can. But has time hardened Bones too much to love again? Or will his passion for Cat burn through every obstacle—alive, undead, or otherwise—between them?

Release Date: April 18, 2023
Night Huntress World; Bones POV #2
Urban Fantasy
ebook, paperback (356 pages), audiobook
Book Source: Publisher

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