Review: The Duchess Takes a Husband by Harper St. George

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Book cover of The Duchess Takes a Husband by Harper St. GeorgeThe Duchess Takes a Husband
Harper St. George
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

I will be honest, the only reason this book did not receive an A is because it deals with VERY sensitive topics, namely domestic violence and rape, and DID NOT come with a warning. As a survivor of both, I am not opposed to reading a well written book (which this book is) about these topics, but there should be a content warning so I don’t find myself knee deep into the book and facing a panic attack because I’ve been triggered by a memory the heroine is reliving. This happened to me three different times and unfortunately discolored my view of an otherwise great read.

Per her usual, Ms. St. George does a fabulous job of writing a book filled with heart, humor, strength, and plenty of heat. After seeing her in the background of the previous novels in the Gilded Age Heiresses books, it was wonderful to see Camille shine in The Duchess Takes a Husband. Jacob is perfectly suited to her as she struggles to find out who she is after the death of her horrific husband, The Earl of Hereford. Knowing first hand what it is like to find healing and rediscovery after an abusive marriage, I found Camilla’s struggles particularly relatable, even if I’ve never graced the ballrooms of London Society. I think that is why this book will be a hit; it will resonate with lovers of historical novels because all the elements of Victorian society are there, ballrooms, handsome men, and beautiful clothing, but it will also resonate with those wanting relevant topics like women’s rights, domestic violence, rape, and how to move forward from a life of misery. Finally, it will be a big hit with those looking for steamy sex scenes written to rival Bridgerton.

All the elements Ms. St. George is known for are there, passion, drama, emotion, heart, and wit. Just be forewarned, if you are triggered by topics of abuse or rape, you will deal with those things in this well written, steamy romance.

My Rating: B+

About the Book:

Despite her illustrious title, Camille, Duchess of Hereford, remains what she has always been—a pariah. Though her title means she’s technically accepted by London Society, the rebellious widow with her burgeoning interest in the suffrage movement and her American ways isn’t exactly high on every hostess’s guest list. But Camille starts to wonder if being an outcast is not without its perks when the tantalizing answer to her secret fear appears in the shape of Jacob Thorne, the illegitimate son of an earl and co-owner of London’s infamous Montague Club.

Jacob is used to making deals with his club members—he’s just not accustomed to them being beautiful women. Nor have the terms ever been so sweetly seductive as Camille’s shocking proposition. To finally buy his own club and gain the crucial backing of investors, Camille offers Jacob the respectability of a fake engagement with a duchess. In return, the tempting widow has one condition: she wants Jacob to show her if it’s possible for her to experience pleasure in bed.

The lure of such a bargain proves too delicious to resist, drawing the enterprising rogue and the wallflower duchess into a scandalous game and an even more dangerous gamble of the heart.

Release Date: May 23, 2023
The Gilded Age Heiresses #4
Historical Romance
paperback (336 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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