Sunday Snippet: Forbidden Flame by Amelia Simone

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Forbidden Flame

Author: Amelia Simone
Publisher: Amelia Simone
Release Date: May 26, 2023
Series: Campfire Council #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book cover of Forbidden Flame by Amelia Simone“What happened to drinking your one drink, then leaving me alone?” she challenged.

I shrugged. I’d hoped she’d forget that promise since I had no intention of keeping it. “Sorry, Iz. I thought I was helping. I’ll go back to my lonely corner,” I said, turning down my lips.

Izzy heaved a deep sigh, gesturing to the stool next to her.

“Never mind, this place is a bust anyway. You can stay.”

I grinned, relieved she seemed to have forgiven me for my overprotective show with Todd.

“I’ll even buy you a fresh drink as a thank-you.”

“Only if you promise not to make me wear it,” she grumbled.

“Scout’s honor,” I said, holding a hand over my heart.

“Ivan Nemitz, you were never a Scout,” she scolded, her pretty blue eyes pinning me in place with their accusing stare.

“Eh. Maybe never a Boy Scout, but I’ve long considered myself a Heaux Scout. Please note the classy French spelling. ‘Ho’ is just sparkling debauchery. I’m a more refined variety.”

Groaning, Izzy shook her head. “Now I want to throw my drink on you. Pervert.”

I shrugged, studiously ignoring sneaking another peek at her cleavage. No need to prove her right, even if she was.

“What can I say? I consider myself to be from the slutty region of France. It’s very progressive there.”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re gross, Ivan?”

“What?” I asked, secretly hating the flash of disappointment on her face. “Like your motives for being in Vegas are pure?” I tossed a few peanuts from the bowl on the bar in my mouth, watching her squirm as I chewed.

Izzy had a crap poker face.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. So tell your Heaux Scout Leader what merit badge you’re trying to earn this weekend. Gambling? Drinking?” I paused, wiggling my brows suggestively. “Flirting?”

“Baby making.”

I choked on Izzy’s blunt words, my airway closing. Struck dumb by the idea of Izzy trying to get pregnant. By the idea of her having sex. Bear’s baby sister. The sweet girl I’d known for years, now all woman. My gaze caught on her breasts again, and a lack of oxygen made me momentarily dizzy. I hacked, coughing until I could catch my breath. My earlier instincts had been spot-on. I’d figured Izzy was up to no good, here on her own, but the real reason for her presence in Vegas still took my breath away.

Izzy wanted a baby. My Izzy?

About the Book:

A good girl gone rogue.
A charmer with an overprotective streak.
Are their $49 vows the investment of a lifetime?

Izzy O’Reilly aches for something more than her solitary life. Building a new family seems like the answer to her prayers and running into Ivan Nemitz in Vegas a wish come true. Will the handsome football coach make her dreams a reality or tie her up in knots she can’t escape?

Ivan Nemitz can’t handle the hotness that is Izzy in a dress. His best friend’s younger sister deserves better than an anonymous bar hookup to father her baby. But volunteering goes against his code of honor. A $49 sign-and-go secret wedding seems like the answer. He can have the joys of a honeymoon with Izzy and none of the responsibility once they return home. But after he calls Izzy his wife, will he ever be able to go back?

Keeping secrets in small-town Campfire is a losing proposition. Can Ivan and Izzy form a real family, or are their vows destined to be nothing more than tinder for the gossip fires?

Join us around the campfire, where you can pour out your troubles and seek solace in friendship and love.

Forbidden Flame is book one in the Campfire Council Series but can be read as a stand-alone romance. The newly elected city council of Campfire, WA, is ready to win hearts and rebuild their small town, but can this sisterhood of the wine-soaked campfire find love amid the flames?

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