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book cover of An Accomplished Woman by Suzan LauderAn Accomplished Woman
Suzan Lauder
Sophia Rose
Rating: B+

What I’m Talking About:

A light and breezy Regency Romp with a young lady eager to follow her old school chum’s advice for matrimony and mischief soon follows when she has a memorable meet cute with the wrong man.

Suzan Lauder has long been a favorite author for exciting and innovative Austen variations so I was eager to give her venture into historical romance featuring this first novella in a series about the young ladies who make their match in spite of Cecilia’s kindly given advice.

An Accomplished Woman sees Miss Audra Hales arriving in Bath under the aegis of her former school friend, Cecilia, now Lady Hoxley.  Cecilia is hosting a house full of friends during the Bath social season and plans for Audra and another guest, Lord Garner to come to a satisfying understanding before the season is much along.

Audra is eager to place herself in her friend’s hands and is grateful that Cecilia still takes an interest in someone who has no grand lineage, wealth or looks to turn the gentlemen’s heads.  What she has is an over-active imagination and a genius for getting into mischief with Lord Garner’s serious older brother.

I enjoyed seeing awkward, novel-loving Audra stumble her way through her first venture into society.  She makes friends and enjoys herself, but it takes her a bit to realize that she’s not into the narcissistic Lord Garner and finds she enjoys crossing wits with his brother who she has decided as a deep dark secret.  Audra was fun and makes mistakes, but she is observant and learns as she goes.  The surrounding cast are just as entertaining and I did enjoy Audra’s hero, Lord Vernon with his sardonic humor and dedication to family and responsibility to the family estate.  He appreciates the qualities in Audra that she thinks are off-putting to those looking for the popular version of beauty and charm.

This first in series, doesn’t dig deep, but gave me a taste for more in this quickly read, lightly humorous, engaging Regency Romance that I can recommend to others who like their historicals on the sweet side with a dose of humor and wit.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

Audra Hales is a lady of many perfect accomplishments—at least she believes so. It is no wonder: she has mirrored her great friend Cecilia, the newly minted Lady Hoxley, so how could her talents not be worthy of the highest praise? A self-described matchmaker, Cecilia has brought Audra to Bath—where balls and excursions abound—with the intention of matching her with the gregarious Lord Garner Tremaine. Although he seems an affable and talented gentleman, his brother, the marquess, is quite the opposite.

As head of his family, Everett Tremaine, the Marquess of Vernon acts on behalf of his father, the duke, who remains secluded from Lady Hoxley’s guests. With his obligations, Everett has no time for foolish temptations such as Miss Hales…so why does he constantly find her thrown into his path?

Meanwhile, Audra has conjured all sorts of wild imaginings concerning the frustrating marquess, and every time she encounters him, he leaves her breathless rather than answering her questions! After all, what is ailing the mysterious duke? Could the marquess be a villain masquerading as the saviour of his family? And most importantly: should she marry Lord Garner, the safe suitor, or follow her heart?

Release Date: March 28, 2023
Meryton Press
Cecilia’s Mismatches #1; Standalone
Historical Romance
paperback (pages 157), e-book
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