Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: A Whisper of Bone by Anne Renwick

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Audiobook review: A Whisper of Bone by Anne Renwick

Audiobook cover of A Whisper of Bone by Anne Renwick

Posing as a U.S. Customs Agent, but working for the secretive IBIS – Improbable Biologics Investigations Service, cryptobiologist Ryan Nolan must return home to New Haven, CT, for his current assignment taking down a smuggler with ties to illegal trade. There he crosses the path of a former love, and the one that got away, Charlotte Reid. 

Working for the prestigious Peabody Museum in New Haven, Charlotte spends a lot of research time at home so that no man can take credit for her find that some dinosaurs may have had feathers. When she recognizes Ryan investigating her strange neighbors’ home, she tells him she wants to help with his investigation. 

A Whisper of Bone is an exciting scientific adventure framed by a lovely second-chance romance. Five years ago, Ryan and Charlotte began a passionate love affair on the western planes among the dinosaur bones. However, when he was called away to investigate a potential cryptid sighting, Charlotte sustained a serious injury, causing her to leave immediately. Coming together again is easy and joyous. The pair has no issues between them; they realize it wasn’t anyone’s fault that tore them apart the first time, just circumstance. So they have no issues picking up where they left off. I love that each has found success in their field, allowing them to be in a place where they can finally think about a permanent future together. Their conversations and debates are intelligent and interesting. They clearly are still in love and wholly enjoy working together.

While the love story is wonderful, I completely enjoyed the investigation that brings Ryan back home. With tones of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and his more recent Dragon Teeth, the story brings together modern genetics, paleontology, and well-developed steampunk technology. I found myself fully engaged in the search for ancient cryptids. I loved the effort spent on scientific details, making the story plausible and exciting. Also adding to the mix is a sorted family history which Ryan must confront in order to move ahead.

Narration: The story is primarily shared via the alternating third person POVs of Ryan and Charlotte, with a few from antagonist Maria. Stone performs the sections from Ryan’s POV, while Edwards voices both Charlotte and Maria’s POVs, using two different voices. Both narrators are well-suited for their main characters. Stone is masculine without being too deep. Edwards speaks with a Spanish accent when performing Maria and a well-dictated American accent for Charlotte – each sounding like completely different people. Additionally, both narrators successfully add in accents where appropriate. I really enjoyed Stone’s slight Irish lilt for Rose. Both narrators add just enough emotion to their performance to bring the characters to life.

Overall, I really enjoyed A Whisper of Bone. The story is exciting and romantic, set in a fascinating alternate America.

My Ratings:
Story: B+
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Strange, secretive neighbors. Groundhogs run amok. The steep price of resurrecting the past.

After years of avoiding his family, cryptobiologist Ryan Nolan returns to New Haven to investigate rumors of a dragon sighting. Yet instead of a giant mythological lizard, he stumbles upon a dead body. Connecting the murder to missing Mexican artifacts leads him on a path straight back to his long-lost love, Charlotte.

Charlotte Reid has never been one to shy away from a challenge. As a bone hunter in the Wild West and a paleontologist in the East, she has a taste for adventure. But when secretive neighbors move in next door, and strange groundhogs invade her backyard, she finds herself in the middle of a cryptozoological conspiracy.

As their feelings for each other emerge stronger than ever before, the duo must pair Charlotte’s knowledge of the past with Ryan’s expertise in the present to uncover the truth. Encountering unimaginable dangers in their search for clues, will their bond be strong enough to survive the unknown?

Author: Anne Renwick
 Janina Edwards, Ryan Stone
 Elemental Steampunk Tales #6
Genre: Steampunk Romance, historical
Audiobook Release Date: June 30, 2023
Publisher: Anne Renwick
Length: 8 hr; 45 mins
Source: I purchased the audiobook and received an ARC ebook from the author
Audio Speed: 1.4x

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