Review: The Lucky Shamrock by Carolyn Brown

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book cover of The Lucky Shamrock by Carolyn BrownThe Lucky Shamrock
Carolyn Brown
Sophia Rose
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

It may be hotter than a firecracker outside in this Texas small town, but that is nothing to the heat this trio of feuding cousins can generate when they all come back to their hometown to take care of their grandmother’s flower shop when she needs them.

It has been an age since I even bothered to look hard at a blurb for a Carolyn Brown book before I just dove right in knowing I’d love meeting her new cast of characters in the latest situation.  In this case, we have three girl cousins who are about to face up with their pasts, with each other, and see their way clear to a happy future.  Even their painful past associations with Shamrock, Texas and their bickering behavior around each other don’t stop them from rushing to help their special, sassy grandmother when she needs them.

I like how The Lucky Shamrock introduces the women and the situation and then slowly paces out as they work out their lives and grow close as they share their darkest secrets.  There is a lovely blend of three generations from their gran and her friends to the little baby who captures Taryn’s heart especially when she helps Clinton look after one of his military clients’ baby while the woman is in rehab.

Ah yes, Carolyn Brown might make her readers chuckle with the sassy comebacks and downhome dialogue and daily life, but she dug deep into a few different mental health struggles such as what those associated with military combat face, abuse from a relationship partner and a case of high school drugged and raped.  My heart broke for these situations, but also warmed by the tight knit crew of family and friends in this one.

The antics of the gold-digging women over Clinton and the bantering around the flower shop were a nice sweet and funny balance to the darker issues going on inside some of them.

I love the way I settle in and get comfortable like with a long-time friend when I get my hands on a Carolyn Brown women’s fic.  The small town atmosphere and relationship connections adds country cozy experience not to be missed.

My Rating: A
Sophia Rose

About the Book:

New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s bighearted novel about family, secrets, small-town Texas romance, and―with a little bit of luck―starting over.

Family doesn’t mean everyone has to like each other. That’s the case when cousins Taryn, Anna Rose, and Jorja return to Shamrock, Texas, to help manage their grandmother’s flower shop, the Lucky Shamrock. The reunion isn’t exactly a beautiful arrangement―considering they’re as compatible as ranchers and coyotes.

Thank heaven for a handsome go-between like Clinton, who lives above the shop. The easygoing war vet, and most eligible bachelor in Wheeler County, is now throwing romance into the mix and setting the local women to gossiping. But as the hot months wear on, hidden secrets begin to surface for the temperamental Irish trio. And it’s bringing them closer together than they ever thought possible.

With a flurry of weddings, a love story in the making, a surprise baby, and crazy good fortune, maybe that shamrock painted on the window does bring luck. Because for Taryn, Anna Rose, and Jorja, this could be the summer that’ll change their lives forever.

Release Date: July 4, 2023
Women’s Fiction
hardcover (238 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: NetGalley

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