Sunday Snippet #Audiobook Edition: The Conquered World Complete Saga by Elin Wyn

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The Conquered World: Complete Saga

Author: Elin Wyn
Narrator: Piers Ryman
Publisher: Elin Wyn
Release Date: 2023
Series: The Conquered World complete works (18 books)
Genre: Science Fiction Adventure Romance

Audio Snippet:

About the Book:

Audiobook cover of The Conquered World Complete Saga by Elin WynThe complete 18-book epic!

Get ready for science fiction romance adventure with all 18 books of The Conquered World, bundled together for the first time!

Start the adventure with Vrehx:

He shattered her world. Can she trust him with her heart?

Giant spiders, walking trees, bloodthirsty vines. For Jeneva, it’s just another day trying to survive in the jungles of Ankau. Until the sky ripped open, and the true monsters came through. Now her world is under attack, and the only place of safety may be at the side of a rock-hard scaled alien. But he’s filled with secrets—how can she trust him?

Vrehx cares for nothing other than the destruction of the Xathi hordes who burned his home and killed his family. But when a weapons test goes horribly wrong, the battle spills over to an uncharted world. The planet is filled with lethal native life…but nothing is more dangerous than the human woman who obsesses his thoughts.

When war rages around them, can they fight together, or will his burning need for her drive them apart?

The Conquered World Saga is a complete 18-book steamy science fiction romance adventure series that will keep you up all night. HEA guaranteed!

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