Tell Me Something Tuesday: August 29, 2023 – Fall Reading List

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August 29th: Which books are you looking forward to reading this Fall? (Sept-Nov)

I’m making an effort to read more of my TBR, and having mixed results. I’m not reading as much as I want, and review books take priority, so the TBR books keep getting pushed off.

Planned print and ebooks:Book cover of Boogie Beach by Winnie Winkle

  • Kiss and Spell by Celestine Martin – new release, review book
  • Celestial Velocity: A SciFi Adventure Romance by Mary Ashe – TBR, started but had to pause because of review schedule
  • Boogie Beach by Winnie Winkle – TBR
  • Maelstrom by Cara Bristol – TBR
  • The Ex-Mas Holidays by Zoe Allison – new release, review book
  • 7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiance by Kelly Siskind – new release, review book
  • Never Met a Duke Like You by Amalie Howard – new release, review book
  • The Olympian Affair by Jim Butcher – new release, review book

Planned audiobooks:

  • Black Soul, White Heart by Hailey Edwards – new release, review book
  • Crystals, Belladonna, and Murder by Leanne Leeds – TBR
  • Jana Goes Wild by Farah Heron – TBR
  • Kilt to Order by Susannah Nix – new release, review book
  • A Ghost in Amber by Anne Renwick – review book
  • Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin – TBR
  • The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty – TBR
  • Staked by Kevin Hearne – Read-Along title (read before)
  • Besieged by Kevin Hearne – Read-Along title (read before)
  • A Curse of Krakens by Kevin Hearne – new release, review book

If I can squeeze them in:

  • A Plague of Giants and A Blight of Blackwings by Kevin Hearne (He’s doing a read along in preparation for the release of A Curse of Krakens)
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