#CMCon24 Featured Author Spotlight: Jessica Cage

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Coastal Magic Convention Book besties theme. February 22-25, 2024

Jessica Cage

Today I’m happy to welcome Jessica Cage to the blog. She’s answering a few questions and telling us more about her books. Please help me welcome Jessica!

Featured Author Q and A:

Can you tell us a little bit about your writing: What genres do you write? Do you prefer to write one genre over another? 

I write predominantly fantasy novels. It is my preference though I am dabbling with the idea of getting into thrillers more. 

What is your newest/upcoming release? Tell us about the book and series.

My latest release is A Corruption of Gilded Ashes which is the anchor title in my new shared world fantasy, the Eldritch Trials. Each book in the collection is written by a different author and we all wrote together in a world governed by a Goddess who punishes the civilizations/species who disrespect or harm the world she’s given them. Its a fun collection which will hopefully introduce readers to new authors to love and grow with. 

What drew you to the Coastal Magic Convention?

The water. I was looking for book conventions where my siren series would do great. One of my readers came into my TikTok live and suggested I look this convection up and I was excited about what I found when I did.

Do you use real or fictional locations in your stories? What kind of research do you do for the setting?

I use both. I love blending reality with fictional places I’ve cooked up in my mind. Either way I do a lot of research to make sure I’m either representing the real world correctly or I’m building the fantastical in a way that makes sense. That research can be a simple as searching locations on Google or as complicated a visiting and speaking with the locals. (I’ve only done that once but it was fun!) 

What are a few of your favorite reads from 2023?

I have to say my favorite reads of this year have been Dungeon Crawler Carl and This Poison Heart. Its been fun exploring lit RPG with DCC and Kalynn Bayron’s This Poison Heart just really hits the fantasy spot for me. 

CMCon Quickies:

Ocean or Lake? Lake.
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Fall.
Ebook, Paperback, or Audiobook? Paperback.
Alpha male or Cinnamon Roll? Cinnamon Roll.
Ted Lasso or Roy Kent? Who?

THANKS so much for playing along! Now let’s learn more about Jessica’s book:

A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica Cage

book cover of A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica CageA hidden kingdom. A broken promise. A dying home.

Against the Queen’s wishes, Maluai, princess of a hidden race of underwater beings, will stand as champion in the Eldritch Trials to atone for the crimes of the land Griffins.

In the world of Eldritch the Griffins have lived at the top of the food chain for centuries. One of the first developed species, they’ve held their station and influence over the world with little contention. But the effects of time are unavoidable and often damaging.

The water Griffins, their sister species, lived widely unknown to the rest of the world but are forced to show themselves when the land Griffins put their lives at risk. The wavering values of the land Griffins impact the very foundation their civilization was built on and the blood of their island spills out into the seas poisoning the kingdom below.

Though they have lived apart, in the eyes of Mother Goddess, they are one and will be judged as one. Should Malaui fail, they will suffer her curse together.

Series: The Eldritch Trials, A Shared World Collection, Book 1 of 7, standalones
Genre: Clean, dark fantasy
Release Date: July 11, 2023
Publisher: Caged Fantasies

About the Author:

#CMCon24 Featured Author: Jessica Cage headshot and bioJessica Cage is an International Award Winning and USA Today Best-Selling Author of over thirty published books, host of the More Than a Plot Point Podcast, and mentor to indie authors across the world.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she’s always been in love with writing and the art of crafting worlds. Encouraged by her grandmother at an early age, Jessica dreams of being a writer but never considered it could be a reality after being told far too often ‘There’s no money in writing’. During pregnancy, she asked herself an important question. How would she be able to inspire her unborn son to follow his dreams and reach for the stars, if she never had the guts to do it herself? After taking a leap of faith and entering the world of writing for over a decade, Jessica has a following of readers and writers alike waiting to see what she does next.

Contact Information: 
Website: www.jessicacage.com
Facebook/Instagram/TikTok: @jcageauthor

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Coastal Magic Convention Featured Author Spotlight post. [insert author’s name] will be one of the amazing authors we’ll be hanging out with during the 12th annual reader weekend in Daytona Beach, FL, Feb 22-25,2024.

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