September 4, 2023: Just Checking In

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Bunch of orange pumpkins with text "FALL"

Hello and welcome to fall.

As I sit here with my mug of hot tea and reflect on things, I realize that I don’t hate fall as I often suggest. I do enjoy the crisp morning air, warm sweaters, and cozy blankets. I love watching football and seeing the leaves change. BUT, I struggle with change. Fall means the end of summer, and I am a summer gal. I live in an area that only gets 2 months of “hot” (aka 80F) weather, and I am always cold. I don’t like cold weather. Fall means back to school. We took my son to college yesterday. He’s a sophomore nursing student at a school just over three hours away. He’s doing great and I love that he’s enjoying life and succeeding, but it reminds me that he’s nearly a man and I’m growing older. My daughter (my baby) is a senior in high school. She’s going to be leaving the nest next fall, and that will be very hard. We do a lot together and I’ll miss my buddy. Fall also means back to work for me. I enjoy my job, but I love having summers off.

The bottomline is: I struggle with change, and fall ushers in a lot of change. So each year around this time, I tend to stress out, get a bit melancholy, and say I don’t like the fall. But that’s just me, dealing with the changes that come with time passing. So I’ll drink my tea, wear my fuzzy sweatshirt, and enjoy the sunny morning with my friends, knowing they are all dealing with change, and together, we’ll get through it all.