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September 19th: New-to-me authors: who have you discovered this year?

Oh…. I’ve enjoyed a couple new-to-me authors in 2023.

Charissa Weaks

audiobook cover of The Witch Collector by Charissa WeaksI picked up a review audiobook of The Witch Collector earlier this year and LOVED it. I cannot wait for the second book to come out in audiobook later this fall.

Set in a fantasy world divided by kingdoms and run by magic wielders, the story follows twenty-four year old Raina Bloodgood, a mute village girl who hides her magical talents, and Alexus Thibault, the Witch Collector who comes once a year to conscript the best and brightest for the King’s protection.

After only a few chapters, I found myself completely engrossed in The Witch Collector.  The mythology different yet familiar in a good vs evil manner. Raina is on the precipice of her destiny which changes dramatically over the course of days as she uncovers the true villains in her world. I love being along side Raina as she discovers who she is and what she is capable of achieving. She is fierce and determined but flexible. She loves with her whole heart despite losing so much.

Rachel Lynn Solomon

I loved the premise of this one, so I picked up the review ARC on Netgalley. I ended up really enjoying it.

Business or Pleasure has a wonderful sex-positive message and takes a frank look at mental health. The story works because the pair hits it off right from the start and works hard to be open and honest with one another. I loved watching their friendship and love blossom as they confide in one another, ultimately recognizing their bond is true.

George Penney and Tony Johnson

Book Cover of OverLondon by George Penney and Tony JohnsonThis one came to me via the publisher with a promise of being Terry-Pratchettesque. I hadn’t enjoyed that type of humorous reading in a while, so I took a chance and recently read OverLondon.

OverLondon is a fantastical adventure filled with sarcasm, satire, and silliness. The story follows former Dread Pirate Purple Reign, now privateer Captain Alex Reign, and her misfit crew as they try to earn/steal enough money to get back their airship, which is being held by the government until back taxes are collected. Meanwhile, priests from the Church of Vengeful Acquisition are miraculously exploding, street urchins are missing, and a rogue artificer apprentice is on the brink of prosthetic innovation.

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