Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron

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Audiobook Review: Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron

NOTE: This series was on my TBR for a while, at the recommendation of Linda and Melanie. This past year, I listened to the five-book series as a buddy read with Anne. The reviews were written at the time the book was read.


Audiobook cover of Last Dragon Standing by Rachel AaronLast Dragon Standing is the fifth and final story of the Heartstriker UF series which follows nice dragon Julian and his best friend mage Marcy. This is NOT a standalone story and my review contains spoilers from the first four books. 

Last Dragon Standing follows the final battle against Algonquin, who has given up and allowed the Leviathan, a nameless end, to consumer her, thus finding a way into our plane so he can destroy it. Although it is about to consume the planet, Julius and Marcy are finally together and happy. In fact our whole gang is working together, Ghost and the DFZ spirit are filled with magic and joy, and everyone is generally in a good mood, which made me so happy. Unfortunately, things don’t stay happy for long.

The story fluctuates from planning how to defeat the Leviathan, to Julius giving someone a pep talk or standing up to someone to protect another, to executing plans and trying to survive, and then the cycle starts over. Overall, the story moves quickly, even with Julius’s sometimes lengthy conversations. It’s Julius being Julius. I loved seeing the group make plans and bicker lightheartedly over details. The author brings the series to a satisfying conclusion, winding up every outstanding thread by the end of the book. 

Narration: I continue to be impressed by Vikas Adam’s performance. The story is shared via shifting third-person POVs, with the primary POV being Julius and Marcy. Vikas Adam uses a neutral male voice while narrating all POVs, altering dialogue based on gender, age, and species for each character, except Julius, who shares the same voice as the narrator. I can hear the subtle differences in all characters. He does an amazing job with intense emotion: shouting without getting loud, speeding up dialogue. I can hear determination and frustration, joy and sorrow in his performance.

Last Dragon Standing is an exciting, action-filled conclusion to an entertaining series.

My Ratings
Story: B
Narration: B+

About the Book:

Dear Reader, 

There is no way to write a blurb for this final book without spoiling all of the others. Suffice it to say, mysteries resolve, dragons war, pigeons abound, and Julius must risk himself in ways he never dreamed possible as Bob’s grand plan finally comes to fruition. 

But the Great Seer of the Heartstrikers isn’t the only one whose schemes are nearing completion. The Nameless End is coming, and even the machinations of the world’s most brilliant dragon seer might not be enough to stop it. As the world comes crashing down, it’s up Julius to prove what he’s always known: that seers can be wrong, and Nice Dragons don’t always finish last.

Author: Rachel Aaron
Narrator: Vikas Adam
Heartstrikers #5
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audiobook Release Date: September 1, 2018
Publisher: Audible Studios
Length: 12 hrs and 13 mins
Source: Purchased
Audio Speed: 1.5x