Review: I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died by Amanda Flower

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Book cover of I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died by Amanda Flower.I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died
Amanda Flower
Rating: A

What I’m Talking About:

It was riveting to return to Amhurst with Willa and Emily. Watching their friendship continue was as interesting as the situation they were in; watching their brains, especially Emily’s, work the case was as enlightening as any police drama seen on TV. The characters and their struggles, especially those of class, continued to be engaging.

Much like Downtown Abbey or the Gilded Age it was enlightening to see things from the perspective of the working class. I found this especially interesting because the focus is on Emily and it is fun, given what little information we have about her, to imagine what she was like. The secondary characters add color and contrast to Emily and Willa and flavor the novel beautifully. The best part of the book for me was that I wasn’t able to figure the ending out before the ending was given, always a huge plus when reading a mystery.

Overall, if you are looking for a mesmerizing, well-written, well researched historical fiction with a captivating mystery layered over the top then you’ll want to check out I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died.

My Rating: A

About the Book:

August 1856. The Dickinson family is comfortably settled in their homestead on Main Street. Emily’s brother, Austin Dickinson, and his new wife are delighted when famous thinker and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson comes to Amherst to speak at a local literary society and decides he and his young secretary, Luther Howard, will stay with the newlyweds. Emily has been a longtime admirer of Emerson’s writing and is thrilled at the chance to meet her idol. She is determined to impress him with her quick wit, and if she can gather the courage, a poem. Willa Noble, the second maid in the Dickinson home and Emily’s friend, encourages her to speak to the famous but stern man. But his secretary, Luther, intrigues Willa more because of his clear fondness for the Dickinson sisters.

Willa does not know if Luther truly cares for one of the Dickinson girls or if he just sees marrying one of them as a way to raise himself up in society. After a few days in his company, Willa starts to believe it’s the latter. Miss Lavinia, Emily’s sister, appears to be enchanted by Luther; a fact that bothers Emily greatly. However, Emily’s fears are squashed when Luther turns up dead in the Dickinson’s garden. It seems that he was poisoned. Emerson, aghast at the death of his secretary, demands answers. Emily and Willa set out to find them in order to save the Dickinson family reputation and stop a cold-blooded fiend from killing again.

Release Date: November 14, 2023
Emily Dickinson Mysteries #2
Historical Mystery
paperback (352 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher/ NetGalley

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