Review: Game On by Seressia Glass

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Book Cover of Game On by Seressia GlassGame On
Seressia Glass
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Game On is another emotionally satisfying celebration of Black nerd women from Glass. Getting into Sam’s head is a treasure. She’s an amazing character, full of love and goodness. She is passionate and driven. I appreciated the extent to which the author includes detailed accounts of both the ups and downs of being a Black woman gamer. The character is multidimensional and layered. 

Aron is a White man trying to make his company more inclusive. He’s a good soul, and he readily admits his limitations and faults. The pair have amazing chemistry from the start and they work because they listen to each other and strive to be the best versions of themselves for one another. But they also take the tarnish with the shine. I love that they both love each other for all their facets.

While Game On is a light-hearted, fun romance, it takes the harassment of Black women gamers seriously. The author doesn’t sugar-coat the issues and gives readers a small taste of reality. I appreciate that problems don’t just go away because the MCs fall in love and get an HEA. 

The pair makes a lot of assumptions, like reading the tone of the voice, etc. – things that normal couples do. However, they always, immediately talk it out. It’s super healthy, even if a bit unusual for the norm, and I love that they don’t let misunderstandings or hurt feelings go on. With that said, I was a bit shocked when Aron makes a huge unilateral decision that impacts Sam without even talking to her. It felt so out of character until he made an effort to rectify the problem.

In the end, I enjoyed Game On and love this nerdy-world which Glass has created (it’s tied to The Love Con). The stories are fun and romantic while grounded in reality. 

My Rating: B

About the Book:

Samara Reynolds has built a large following as a gamer under an anonymous screen name, and uses her skills as a DEIA consultant to advocate for equal representation in video games. When she posted a video critiquing the popular game Legendsfall, she knew she’d get a reaction from her fans, but the video leads to hundreds of female gamers critiquing the game and its company, Artemis Games. The only thing more unexpected than starting an online movement is getting a job offer from the handsome CEO of Artemis.

Aron Galanis has been on a mission to get his company certified to create gaming content for people with disabilities. When he sees Artemis trending online for all the wrong reasons, he’s determined to right his wrongs and offers the originator a mea culpa, as well as a job offer to overhaul the character options in Legendsfall.

Working together turns Aron and Samara from adversaries into allies, allies into friends, and after that—something more. But once their relationship goes public, will Aron and Samara be able to weather the storm and fight for their happy ending, or is it game over?

Release Date: December 12, 2023
Contemporary Romance
paperback (400 pages), e-book, audiobook
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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