Sunday Snippet: Reasonable by K.T. Carlisle

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Author: K.T. Carlisle
Release Date: October 31, 2023
Series: What Happened to Mia Davis series #1
Genre: Mystery


Chapter 1, pages 9-10:

book cover of Reasonable by K.T. CarlisleSix months prior to the incident the semester before, we decided to get an off-campus apartment with Elaine and her boyfriend, Evan. It was a two-story, Victorian-style, brick duplex with on unit available on each floor. Ours was the more spacious of the two-bedroom apartments located on the top story, featuring a set of beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the Greene Street Bridge and saturated the open, airy living room with a flood of natural light. 

While the building itself was more than seventy years old, our apartment had been renovated to include all the modern amenities to which my upper-class upbringing had grown accustomed. From the rich, burgundy hardwood floors to the wide-open floor plan to the stainless-steel kitchen appliances—the apartment was a far cry from the prison-style dorm rooms that Elaine and I had endured for the first two years of our college career. Though it was only a two-story building, we could still gaze upon the Tar River snaking gracefully through campus which was easily visible from the worn, leather armchair in our living room. But while the breathtaking vista once captured our hearts, it was now marred by a tragedy so consuming, none of us could bring ourselves to peer beyond its glassy surface into the depths below. 

Mia Davis was a straight-A student. She had an academic scholarship in excellent standing. Her athletic prowess had earned her a series of championship medals that likely still decorate the halls of Green Valley University fifteen years later. By the end of her freshman year, Mia was the first underclassman to become student body president. She had a way of making everyone feel like she genuinely loved them, and so, everyone genuinely loved her back. Given all this information, it made sense that following her unexpected suicide, people wanted answers to one simple question. 


Why did someone who, by all accounts, had everything going for her choose to take her own life? She wasn’t under financial or academic duress as evidenced by her scholarship. She wasn’t socially inept, which was clear from both her athletic pursuits as well as her participation in student government. She wasn’t what one would call a textbook definition of depression at all. Perhaps that’s what made it so easy for others to look elsewhere for explanations. When someone like Mia commits suicide, it can be easier to entertain the possibility that she was murdered than to admit to having missed her cries for help. It becomes even easier to believe that Mia could have been murdered when four college students just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time during the exact moment that she fell from the Greene Street Bridge. 

About the Book:

When the Williamsburg Police Department arrives at Catheryn “Cat” Clark’s house on the night of Friday, May 13 only to discover her drunk and covered in blood, even she struggles to believe in her own innocence. After all, few people had better reason to want Elaine Reid dead than the woman whose husband she stole after thirty years of friendship.

But as the alcohol-induced fog begins to fade, strange questions surrounding the night’s events start to emerge: Who else was at the house the night that Elaine was murdered? Why can’t Cat remember anything more than the argument that transpired in the darkened confines of her kitchen? And what might a neighbor’s suicide from her college years have to do with proving Cat’s innocence? As Cat fights to piece together the puzzle of what happened, Detective Rachel McGowen’s fifteen-year hunt for an elusive killer could hold all the answers.

Reasonable is the first in a three-part series that explores just how far one might go to clear their name and protect their loved ones. A fast-paced thrill ride packed with suspense, this enthralling tale of two women’s determination will keep you guessing until the very end.

About the Author:

K.T. Carlisle is the pseudonym for a writer in rural Vermont. Since early childhood, Carlisle has dedicated her life to the written word. Earning her B.A. in Writing Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing in 2015 from Rowan University, Carlisle received the Excellence in Writing Arts Award from the university, an honor reserved for students who exhibit exceptional skill as a writer and teacher of writing.

When she is not busy working on her next novel, Carlisle spends her days enjoying all the natural beauty that the Green Mountain State has to offer alongside her incredible husband, four crazy dogs, and flock of chickens. To learn more, please visit

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