#CMCon24 Featured Author Spotlight: HD Smith

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Coastal Magic Convention Book besties theme. February 22-25, 2024

HD Smith

Today I’m happy to welcome HD Smith to the blog. She’s answering a few questions and telling us more about her books. Please help me welcome HD!

Featured Author Q and A:

Can you tell us a little bit about your writing: What genres do you write? Do you prefer to write one genre over another? 

I write several different genres, but prefer to write stories with some element of magic. I also like murder mysteries and although none of my current books are technically mysteries, they all have those elements. I’m currently working on a Cozy Paranormal Murder Mystery set in the Florida Keys.

What is your newest/upcoming release? Tell us about the book and series.

My latest book as HD Smith is Myst and Ink, which is a Science Fantasy set 800 years in the future in a world where magic is real and humans have been spread out across nine different planets. The story introduces several players in the world, giving equal time in book one to Liam Anderson, an elite with an unknown past, and Genevieve Harlow, an orphan at the bottom of the social ladder.

What is your favorite thing about the Coastal Magic Convention?

I have been to all but the first Coastal Magic Convention. I released my first book in 2014, Coastal Magic’s 2nd year, the same year I attended Coastal Magic as a reader for the first time. It has changed a bit over the years, but continues to be one of my favorite events. In 2020 (right before the pandemic) we started the Murder Mystery Event, which I helped organize. We will be doing our 4th Murder Mystery Event/Party this year (3rd in person), and I can’t wait!

What inspired you to write your first book?

In the early 2000’s I had tried several times to finish a book, but planned too much to keep my interest, which is when I discovered I’m a pantser. I’ve learned a few things about plotting since those early days, but the very first book I finished was a middle grade book set in a fictitious town in the Florida Keys. After writing another middle grade, I had an idea about a character whose boss was the literal Devil … I clearly missed an opportunity to go fully comedy and write Satan’s Secretary, but my dark Urban Fantasy, DARK HOPE, still has a few humorous moments.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

If I could be a true digital nomad, I’d love to travel to different countries and experience living a normal life in those places, learn a new language, or a new local craft/skill (think making pasta in Italy or pottery in China).

Do you have any pets? Please tell us about them.

I have two cats, Raven and Mace. I 100% named them after characters in my books, LOL.

Do you use real or fictional locations in your stories? What kind of research do you do for the setting?

I have used both, but I find the fictional ones more fun. I love creating swag that looks like it is from a real place (a diner in Pine Bluff Key, or a bar in the Underworld).

What books/genres are you reading right now?

I love audiobooks. I have my favorite instant buy authors, of course, but I also go through phases. I’m currently reading a lot of new to me authors writing paranormal stories.

CMCon Quickies:

Ocean or Lake? Ocean
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Spring
Ebook, Paperback, or Audiobook? Audiobook.
Alpha male or Cinnamon Roll? Alpha Male
Ted Lasso or Roy Kent? Roy Kent 

THANKS so much for playing along! Now let’s learn more about HD’s book:

Myst and Ink by HD Smith

Book cover of Myst and Ink by HD SmithOld Earth, the once-great planet of humankind, is a derelict wasteland of an ancient civilization.

Genevieve Harlow lives a mundane life on planet Tau as one of the working class forced to do as her House commands. Her lack of magical aptitude and orphan status make any advancement impossible. The House elites know nothing of Genevieve’s life—why would they—until she stumbles on a secret that will change the nine worlds forever.

Liam Anderson, an elite of unknown lineage, makes a living as a relic hunter and purveyor of ancient goods. Some call it smuggling, but the laws are vague at best. But Liam is in the wrong place at the wrong time when his fate becomes intertwined with Genevieve’s, putting both their lives in danger. He’s running from more than his past, but Genevieve’s secret is greater than either of them can possibly imagine. 

More than one House will do anything to keep them quiet.

Series: Myst & Ink #1
Genre: Sci-Fi with Magic Elements
Release Date: August 31, 2021
Publisher: Wild Fey LLC

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/48e10ax

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Coastal Magic Convention Featured Author Spotlight post. HD Smith will be one of the amazing authors we’ll be hanging out with during the 12th annual reader weekend in Daytona Beach, FL, Feb 22-25,2024.

For a full list of Featured Authors, info about the weekend, and link to register to attend, visit the Coastal Magic Website HERE. And be sure to watch for more Featured Author spotlights coming up here each month!